² 4XR 9DGLV” $& New GL Migration 7KLV LV $& FRXUVH YHUV FROO QG KDOI RI Duration: 3 days AC course version / Visit. •ACenables project members and consultants to perform a migration project from classic to the new General Ledger Accounting. Therefore the. This chapter will explain the key areas of new functionality in the SAP General. Ledger, provide an overview of the most common migration scenarios, and.

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In this case, Customizing of real-time integration must be available in the productive system at the latest on the last day of the old fiscal year.

Migration to the New General Ledger | | Learn Valley

Notify me of new posts via email. The program then prepares the spool list. Take into account that this solution does not guarantee data integrity. If you use aac212 splitting in ECC 6. No other date is possible. The way in which the customer performs the installation depends mainly on customer-specific internal processes. The system determines the business transaction variant of the document to be reversed because some document splitting settings depend on the business transaction variant.

Depending on the migration scenario, you can load the required migration package, which includes the migration steps in the form of a process tree. During a chart of accounts conversion, several accounts are usually merged.

SAP-Servicekatalog Konsumgüterindustrie – page 135

What options does SAP offer for mapping parallel accounting and which options are supported by standard migration scenarios? In phase 1, the FI documents from real-time integration must not be posted to the classic General Ledger only, but also to the ledger 0F. All aspects for the implementation of parallel accounting, relating also to integration into the migration project, must be covered by additional consultation.


Data mirgation, performance and parallel ledgers Calculation of the number of totals records Using both notes, you should get an assessment of how the customer systems are tge under the given circumstances.

This concerns two independent projects. How should I set up my transport system in my new General Ledger project?

New General Ledger Migration(FI-CO) – SAP SIMPLE Docs

In a second wave, you migrate documents of the current fiscal year — also while the system runs normally. For example, the document type has a central control function for document splitting in the new General Ledger. Ensure that you keep this in mind when planning both projects.

Each of these areas corresponds to a structure: You reset cleared items in phase 1. After the upgrade, transport the following entries of the table T8G10 from client to your productive client: This site uses cookies. You cannot process clearing from transaction F, therefore the document type must determine this.

It is still assumed that the current date is June 7, When replacing the classic Profit Center Accounting, check that the previous profit center accounting currency is managed as the local currency or parallel currency in FI since before the migration date. More information about all delivered migration scenarios or migration packages is available on SAP Service Marketplace under: Usually, the splitting is worthwhile if the customer wants to use Financial statement and Profit and Loss Statement fields in an additional entity.


If you want to use the document splitting immediately after migration from the classic General Ledger to the new General Ledger, only migration scenarios 3 and 5 are available for this. Then set up the project for the transition from the classic General Ledger to the new General Ledger.

After successfully running the migration programs but still during the downtimefigures before migration must be reconciled with figures after migration.

For information, see Note and http: If the program finds any differences, see SAP Note The feasible approach for segment reorganization will be a customer specific solution. Yes, this is usually possible.

There are two basic types of migration plans: Balance international account The following recommendation assumes that the transport management workbench organizer and transport system: Which parts of Customizing ac22 already exist in the production system on the migration date? We recommend this, for example, if you want to split the balances of reconciliation accounts for assets to profit centers or segments.

The splitting is based on the data in the table BSEG. You should perform the chart of accounts conversion before the migration. To activate the update of the functional area and segment in the CO totals tables, yo the following step in the implementation guide: Therefore, this field does not exist and is also not checked unlike in transaction FB