Aftershock has ratings and reviews. Robert Wiedemer he timing of the most recent edition (,) and the second glitch, not so much forgivable. Robert A. Wiedemer is President of Aftershock Publishing and a Managing Aftershock Second Edition was published in August and became a New York. Bob Wiedemer discusses the impact of changes in the White House on the The Aftershock Investor (Wiley, , now in its 2nd Edition as of.

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Panics erode that trust. The news writes the story of the coming economic collapse in exactly the same way Wiedemr does, but changes the ending to make everything OK so people feel good. Scaring the socks off me. The dollar is already weak versus the Euro, which is troubled enough as it is.

Meet the Authors

Aftershock makes a compelling argument for a chilling conclusion. Apparently, the authors also have no understanding that monetary policies are mere superstitions, which only work as everyone else is a follower, or a believer, one should say. Protect Yourself and Profit in th Amazing to see things like the real estate price index laid out on a chart covering a century and to see the incredible seriously–incredible spike stabbing upward as you approach the ’00s.

So the ultimate rating of this book lies in the results – especially for those who took the actions prescribed in the book. Even better, they could simply fix the prime rate and do away with speculation altogether.


I hope the authors’ optimism for the long-term holds true. I don’t think I’ve ever given a one star review before but I will explain why I did here. Dec 06, Christina rated it liked it.

The Death of Money: Do you put your faith in the authors?? The good news is that the dollar is so widely used secon it will not disappear. Seems to be wwiedemer good book and that it has practical knowledge. Hence, this reviewer agrees with the authors that a paradigm shift is needed from philosophical economics to science, but again, disagrees with the authors of how to get there.

Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown by David Wiedemer

Do your dollars buy less at the grocery store and the gas pump? Given a lot of real estate is selling below the cost to replace a bubble condition is a difficult sell.

Just as many are wrongly forecasting a full recovery ahead, Aftershock, now updated and revised, warns of a very different economic future. It’s such a bubble that the last couple centuries of gold prices look like a flat line by comparison to the last decade.

The more troubling issue with stocks is securitization, a factor that the authors do not seem to think being a big deal. Sounds like what I have heard of General MacArthur who, despite the successful decision to do the Incheon Landing during the Korean War, made the bad decision later to ignore or disbelieve the massive presence of Chinese soldiers in Korea which cost us a lot of American military lives.


Profit from the collapsing bubbles. I don’t understand how they could predict this dramtic rise in unemployment but then predict that there will not be much of an upturn in crime.

Read it and get prepared. Are you worried about the safety of your money, job, and investments?

They pretend that the understanding of capital and interest is some sort zftershock a modern idea. But that is good, as it will give me a little more time to prepare.

You’ll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. In a tight death spiral, interest rates, inflation, and unemployment will rise, squeezing the first four bubbles some more, slowing the economy more.

As always prepare for the worst and expect the best It makes me question the book just a little aftrrshock. Be prepared and read this book. That is fine, at least you will be in some way prepared in case it unexpectedly comes true.