Posted May 29, This trilogy forms a portion of the story of the Aghori Vimalananda. An aghori is a practitioner of Aghora, the spiritual discipline that takes. Dr. Robert E. Svoboda is an American author and ayurvedic doctor who gives lectures and courses around the world, related to the subjects of ayurveda, jyotish. Results 1 – 30 of 48 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Robert-Svoboda books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 million titles.

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Many of the shamans in South America do nothing all day long except protect themselves from other shamans or attack other shamans, what is the benefit there? Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

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So he was very much a real person, he was not a combination. We enter the world of Vimalananda who teaches by story and living example. For him he used Whiskey, Scotch Whiskey, for me I like very much Ayawaska, taken with some other things to alter the effect slightly. Biographical Series of three Volumes on Swami Vimalananada by his disciple. The problem that I had 40 years ago when I was studying Ayurveda is that the amount of information in English was very small, and even the amount of information in other languages which was not so great.

Aghora was to Vimalananda, a deeply rooted internal process that does away with all accepted restrictions to the human capabilities of perception. I remember lots of little things about him, like his earthy sense of humor and his comic timing; like the way he would sometimes, just for fun, adjust his eye color to match mine for he could change his eye color at will.

The Aghora Trilogy: Three Books by Dr. Robert Svoboda « Namarupa

Whatever force it was, reading this book has given me an entire new insight on another dimension of spirituality. This aghorw one helluva mind blowin’ series. But we should start from curing ahamkara.

Aghora like alchemy substitutes for a set recipe of self-development an outline whose details differ for each practitioner. I did not meet them, so it does not matter to me. So the ability to harness fire was the major turning point other than standing aghoar, but that had happened many millions year ago. A few of his other books are Ayurveda: Svoboda’s Ayurvedic work and am very interested in the Aghori sadhus and anything to do with Kali and Shiva, so when a friend recommended this book to me, it seemed like a must read.


And then start to act on the basis of what they think, they posses. Working tirelessly to author his own reality, Vimalananda created within those of us who succeeded in reaching him the memory of the version of him that he wanted us to retain.

Get to Know Us. It made a lot of sense and I believe it is a practical approach and can be applied.

Interview with Dr. Robert E. Svoboda

His experiences, which were real to him, can be equally real for anyone who is open to the possibility of their being so, just as both he and his experiences remain real for me whenever I re-collect them. I can still hear Vimalananda, the man who became my mentor, underscoring for me the need to be able both to remember and to forget.

That certainly Vimalananda would do agghora periodically. Whatever he told me and he was a real personality, he lived in Bombay and yes, I know his family and yes I know many people who know him, Doctor Vasad Lad knew him well, my friend Doctor Fred Smith dvoboda teaches at the University of Iowa knew him well.

Other books in the series. At the same time in India most people have lost interest in this traditional knowledge. I simply loved this book and still read it again n again.

The wide range of unpleasant realities into which his demise and incineration forced me at the time have in fact proven invaluable tutorials in the University of Life, however much I might have preferred to avoid living through them. When he did become inspired to elucidate spiritual philosophy or practice he was a marvel of a teacher, his discourses ramifying effortlessly into svoboa unexpected but always engaging insights and affiliations.

Share your thoughts with other customers. This is Shadow Yoga. Each aghori and his customs are unique, and in truth all one aghori must have in common with another is a shared degree of intensity and determination. Svoboad he worked with those who had a sincere desire to learn including his penis he never hesitated either to make them suffer, or to suffer himself on their behalf, if he felt that suffering was necessary to embellish a valuable lesson.

The author has kept it interesting explaining some rituals and practices that will shake you but then backs off without diving further into the dark issues. Those who stayed enjoyed the privilege of having him remember them not as they were but as they could be, to re-member them with every fiber of his being as they would someday be, awake to wvoboda sun of the Self.


Jan 22, Felicia rated it really liked it. So fictionalized you can never decide whether any of the utilized fragments of actual teachings are valid ssvoboda not.

Robert Svoboda is the leading advocate of Ayurveda in the United States. What really has made people humans, what has made humans human is the fire. And this is why in traditional India they have given people Gods and Goddesses, Devatas, Devis so you will focus on them and little by little your own personality will become dissolved and their personalities will become present in you more and more until eventually your own personality will be very small and that svoboea will be much bigger.

You talked in your lecture about the transmission of knowledge by media. Vimalananda, who spent part of his life playing that role, eventually became so conversant with the aghori frame of mind that he came to be ayhora to drag it along wherever he went.

Still, this is not your intro to Tantra kind of book. Start with one thing, implement it into your own life, see what it does and before you start trying to think about teaching other people make sure svobods you are benefiting from whatever it is you are learning. The author is an American who had come to study Ayurveda in a college at Poona in the 80s when he meets an Aghori.

I plan on aghoea this book for its depth of wisdom and to grasp aghors of what Vimalananda is trying to teach. So Rasayana in its most advanced version is to connect to the flavor that God is experiencing and to become part of that flavor and to taste afhora flavor everywhere in your aghoa. This growing realization aghra awakens Kundalini, and as She awakens She forgets to self-identify with your limited human personality.

There is going to be a slight preference for the one or the other. You could be existing in the same space with them and it would do you not good. As we know the traditional way of transmitting knowledge is the Gurukula system — from person to person, and this is the traditional way of studying Ayurveda also.