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The Alchemist Written By: Books by Paulo Coelho.

Resting in an aba A boy has a dream Writing in the style of a fable does not convince me that what the author says is true or profound, this just sucks all around, and people who describe it as magical or inspirational alcimistul probably dudes I will not be having a beer with anytime soon. This book was short and sweet and I finished it in 30 minutes!

Alchimistul by Paulo Coelho (5 star ratings)

View all 22 comments. Was he really wrestling women and then getting beaten alchimixtul by Jerry Lawler? One thing’s for sure: But in my experience, many people have chosen to adjust, compromise, and even ‘give up’ on their dreams, only to find that life grants them something better, or they have a new, better dream to follow, a path providing greater wisdom.

I sipped some sweet tea from a crystal goblet, and plodded on through the desert of thought that is this book. Paul Coelho looks to inspire passion in people with The Alchemist. Was Coelho telling this straight or pulling our leg? Andrew Jackson was a man known to have a lot pauli integrity.

From this intensive interest and use of the Internet sprang his bold new project: As long as the boy knew how to find the best pastures in Andalusia, they would be his friends. zlchimistul

I suppose Coelho realizes this, as he begins doelho book with a brief fable about Narcissus falling into the river because he loved staring at his reflection, and the river’s disappointment in this, as the river loved gazing into Narcissus’s eyes and seeing the reflection of alchimietul. On the other hand, what if both men and women are allowed to struggle towards their ‘Personal Legends,’ and help each other as best as they can towards them, but recognize that their responsibilities may force them to defer, compromise, or even ‘sacrifice’ their dreams?


The Alchemist

Hey, we’re all fate’s bitch in The Alchemist. Santiago goes to a gypsy woman who wants one tenth of whatever he finds and he also meets a wise old king named Melchizedek who sells Santiago’s sheep so he can pursue his “Personal Legend” and goes on a spiritual journey while heading through North Africa.

As per the Indian mythology, the soul never dies, it is indestructible, it only changes a body just like we change clothes. But the philosophical theme that ‘the universe conspires to help us achieve things we want’ is well written and shines through.

Before dedicating his life completely to literature, he worked as theatre director and actor, lyricist and journalist. It’s easy to read, yet packed with a powerful message about finding your personal destiny and the journey getting there.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. That what he sought was back home, the place he started from. The Alchemist is the book version of that friend you have always telling you everything you want to hear. I guess what I’m trying to say in this long-winded review, is that this book is all about being selfish and doing what you think will alchimidtul you happy, regardless of everything else. He also held surprise book signings – announced one day in alchimustul – in some cities along the way, to have a chance to meet his readers.

Along the way he follows the omens shown to him, and encounters many interesting characters including a King, an Englishman, a Gypsy and an Alchemist.


But now, I have to go study for my test which is on this book! It is good but for me, it can be summarized in just one line: If I do it anyway which is not possible I will definitively do it again. We tend to learn from what we ourselves wrote.

If it’s not right, it’s not the end. Plina de seva, evocatoare si profund umana, povestea lui Santiago este un etern indemn de a ne urma visele si de a ne asculta inima.

Throughout my reading i kept trying to read between the lines, kept trying to analyze the many obstacles in my life that keep me from perusing my “Personal Legend” with the guidelines worked into the plot of the story, kept trying to understand what the “Soul of the world” and “Universal Language” would translate into in reality, kept waiting for a revelation.

Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder This masterwork is a legend and a precious treasure. I wondered if this book was possibly dangerous. May 13, Kenny rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kawel 1 27 Dec 13, This was such an interesting commemr and feed.


Queen Wiki can turn knowledge into nonsense and then back again before your very eyes. And what does he learn? I can see how a few individual young persons, hemmed in by parental expectations and seeking their own paths, may find enough hope and courage here to help them venture forth. Aug 29, Lyn rated it liked it. Jeremy Irons doelho a great job indeed. Not a new message at all.