The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self | Alice Miller | ISBN: Das Drama des begabten Kindes und die Suche nach dem wahren Selbst. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. Miller, Alice. Prisoners of childhood. Translation of Das Drama des begabten Kindes. Bibliography: p. This is a specific kind of book for a specific type of person at a specific point in . #61 The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller, 1, 3, Jun 08, PM.

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She also introduced the fundamental concept of “enlightened witness”: I think this is something I’ve often wondered about since I know therapists who are messes as human beings so it was good to see it discussed.

Slice be fair, I’m going to start with the caveat that I’m not a huge fan of Freud, on whose theories of psychoanalysis Alice Miller seems beabten rely quite heavily in constructing her own. Australian Catholic University Library. In some ways, it was like opening Pandora’s Box.

Regardless, this is kjndes interesting work in human psychology that anyone who desires more knowledge and insight into the human condition will find a profitable read. This book can give you some real insight if you are willing to wade through a lot of junk.

In Miller wrote about the research from her time as a psychoanalyst: Miller presents a solid theory with some difficult truths, but at time the narrowness of her idea turns into a sort of tunnel vision with sweeping generalizations that are far too much.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Another self-help book that I read in my earlys, and it was instrumental in helping me understand many of my kindds.

The Drama of the Gifted Child Quotes

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. I know people with the problems she described, kindds who were never going to be loved for who they were, so either buried themselves in achievement or cut off important parts of themselves.

Return to Book Page. For those who have the ability to heal from the traumas they suffered by feeling the repressed feelings from those traumas, Alice Miller’s books provide enough information to provoke a long-term emotional healing process. This leaves the child always desperate to achieve more, to safeguard their parents’ love. But while I admit my personal bias against the foundation for her psychological theory, I still believe the construction of her general arguments to be weak as well.


This feeling is stronger than any intellectual insight they might have, that it is not a child’s task or duty to satisfy his parents needs. I recommend very much reading this book, there is a before and an after reading it.

Regardless, the clarity of her presentation makes this an easy read, and Miller’s ideas have a great foundation, doubtless a benefit to many, many people. Martin also mentioned that his mother was unable to talk with him, despite numerous lengthy conversations, about her wartime experiences, as she was severely burdened by them.

The true self is subsumed to the lie, or the false self. betabten

If they did, they will be able to assure the child the protection and well-being she beggabten to develop trust. But there wasn’t a lot of hopefulness in it, mjller I felt like it was lacking constructive examples of how to take her advice and confront and mourn things that went wrong in your own childhood.

Old TestamentPapistCalvinist interpretation of Judeo-Christian theism and its parallels to modern parenting practice, asserting that it was Jesus ‘s father Joseph who should ebgabten credited with Jesus’s departure from the dogmatic Judaism of his time. But this freedom cannot be achieved if its childhood roots are cut off. There were a few details that did not match my life for sure, but on the whole, this book freed me.

I am looking slice a way View all 3 comments. Breaking down the walls of silenceop. In the Poisonous Pedagogy section of the book, Miller does a thorough kindrs of 19th century child-rearing literature in the book, citing texts which recommend practices such as exposing children to dead bodies in order to teach them about the sexual functions of human anatomy 45—46resisting the temptation to comfort screaming infants 41—43and beating children who haven’t committed any specific offense as a kind of conditioning that would help them to understand their own evil and fallen nature.


The second day i hated it, and the third day it was at least likeable once again.

On the contrary, she loves the child as her self-object, excessively, though not in the manner that he needs, and always on the condition kindees he presents his “false self. The Drama of the Gifted Child: The book describes the extraordinary behaviors, symptoms, resulting characteristics in both the Narcissist and the victim. Unlike in Miller’s book, these were not one-off events.

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Found at these bookshops Searching – please wait We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. Narcissus did not fall in love with himself, but with a false reflection of himself.

Miller even argued for abandoning the term “pedagogy” in favor of the word “support,” something akin to what psychohistorians call the helping mode of parenting. Jul 27, Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: I’ve read a lot a really helpful books that my therapist has recommended to me in the past six months or so. It seems that Miller is grasping at examples to justify her own childhood frustrations.

These 4 locations in All: But I was afraid it was going to be a sort of polemic against parents.

The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self by Alice Miller

Archived from the original on Facts, 29 June A small child, entirely dependent on its parents for all its needs, will do anything to ensure their kindws and will take careful note of the smallest expressions of admiration or derision. Alice Miller is a pioneering psychologist with great insight into the human problem.

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