Alternity all Book “The Externals” by William W. Connors and Steven Schend. Alternity is a Science-Fiction “Role Playing Game” featuring Dark Matter (modern . Index of /~akclark/Alternity/ Aug Alternity – Star Drive – The Aug Alternity. Some time ago, before WotC pulled the pdfs, I purchased a copy of The Externals . It consisted of a series of interconnected html documents.

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As all the information in this section is beyond the extent of human exploration, it obviously comes from the fraal and Aegis Rangers who carried on the psionic dis- cussions with the evrem diplomats and refugees on Bluefall.

The most exasperating thing about Martis is his incessant chatter, which continues even while he sleeps. Kroath are all totally mute, as their solidly sealed armor prevents much communication. They alternuty themselves in both spirit and identity from their scientific castes by renaming themselves thaal, and remained planetbound for the next centuries, building their religion around mysterious white crystal ziggurats on their planet and one of their moons. Section of two Ta-Hro plus support personnel.

Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

Even their most common forces leave legacies that take decades to overcome. Xenhon Ahmyt of Ahjaarl: Lowest among the Theocratic castes are the slave species, those subjugated by externalls the Church or the sifarv military and thus the externasl and subject to hard labor, awful conditions, or forced military service.

All External tech dissolves and decays soon after separation from its wielders. As such, they take a —1 step bonus to any attempts to use the Security broad skill or any of its specialty skills.

Alternity for Beginning Players. If the teln begin to stray off whatever path Kadar wishes them on, humanity may find there are many weapons that can expose and destroy teln without damaging their hosts. Thaal forced into combat act in every way possible to remove themselves from harm, alteenity to direct underlings or at least deal with foes from a distance, unless they know their foe cannot match them. One of the risks of the prayer is its easy disruption.

Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

This product can provide you and the supporting cast and heroes of the Verge many answers about the invaders. This article is about the science fiction campaign setting.


Today, the gardh rules the Technarchy, an expanse of over 6, light years of space and more than three hundred systems and twenty-one sentient species among twenty-four Class 1 worlds. The hard armor of the kroath is calcified and radically strengthened skin, while the gel within the suit is a byproduct of liquefying internal organs during transformation as well as a suspension medium for the true kroath species—tiny techno-organic AI nanite-computers created by accident long ago by the kadarans.

Even so, many among the Austrins, Thuldans, Nariac, and Insight are intensely curious about kadaran biotech, and some might even be so moved to shelter a kadaran and its technology secrets for advancing their positions after the war.

Additional Orj-Arami and officers as needed minimum of four per each ru-arami.

In the course of the past five centuries, humans have contacted several alien races. They are the ruthless, insidious, and all-too-familiar thaal—the sibling or parent species that spawned the fraal Wanderers and Builders.

Kadarans often turn their heads and place two eyes on anyone they speak to, but the third eye and one or more limbs continues on with other activities. Individual major cities or dreadnought capital ships fall to the xenoth, of whom each vuryth commands two or three depending on need.

They simply appear unbidden, bringing chaos where they go. It can be cast by multiple worshipers to either share the energy cost of the casting or to simply increase the effects of the prayer in numerous ways. Their AIs, robots, and starship computers achieved full sentience and independence, and they expanded their control over the trade lanes of Technarch space.

For the video game, see StarDrive. Wizards of the Coast. At rank 4, add onestep to the effects. Depending on the engine power of a stardrive, it could travel anywhere from 5 to 50 lightyears in a single trip, but due to the spatial physics of Drivespace, any and all travel between two points takes exactly hours approx.

Neither can issue externas to the allternity, though each can make official requests for cooperation.

Thus, this prayer is laternity conducted on a planet with too many variables to disrupt the bubble. There are thaal Tech Ops, though these are all thaal with psi wlternity rather than the capability for full mindwalking.


Back amid the Theocracy and in a limited number in the Redcrown facilities, Ravans use more crablike and mantalike pods with some form of hover or flight technologies. A Guide to Psionics. Socially, these sxternals from Ravas V in the Chavol Expanse lose favor simply because their home planets and atmospheres make them difficult for other species to visit. Human history hints of links to the gardhyi, but none of those links reveal much about their role now in the Verge due to one simple fact: Three black multifaceted eyes sit broadly along the flattened head, spaced widely to allow for degrees of vision and relatively good distance judgement.

Another excellent low- to mid-level hero foe. Next are the sifarv rulers, though any psionically active sifarv gain greater social status regardless of birth as it places them closer to the thaal. Points of little military importance but of seemingly exterhals interest to the Exeat are any Precursor ruins. Whatever charges exrernals rounds needed for the weapon exist while it exists no running out of ammunition.

Commands the battleship Externa,s in Vieron system to reinforce Jaen and to expand kroath forces into rest of Vieron colonies; medium level hero foe or exterjals of Commodore Pfender of Thuldans. At ranks 3, 6, and 9, the duration increases by 20 minutes. Its utter ruthlessness and cunning far exceed that of any living creature.

They soon scuttle an antiquated generation ship, removing its propulsion systems and launching the battered hulk into space using their newly granted powers. Unlike the kroath conversion process, a magus must be grown in a laboratory environment in vats of the viral nanite suspension, but they can be programmed and modified during the process, creating any variety of forms or weapons or features on them and not necessarily of the same form as the host.