La anemia hemolítica autoinmune (AHAI) es una enfermedad poco frecuente en la edad pediátrica. Su diagnóstico se establece mediante la prueba de. Instituto de Pediatria e Pue- ricultura .. a amostra 3 (Hb SS,com anemia falciforme; a amostra 4 (Hb S. Beta-Tal) Crise hiper hemolítica; e. • Crise de. Chefe do Serviço de Neonatologia do Departamento de Pediatria da Santa Casa A principal causa de anemia no feto é a anemia hemolítica.

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Iron deficiency in the fetus and newborn. The main cause of anemia in the fetus is hemolytic disease.

Mildly anemic pregnant women may evolve with premature labor and have low birth weight babies, but the baby’s iron status is not influenced by the mother’s iron deficiency. Iron transportation through the placenta occurs in the third trimester of gestation and premature labor results in reduced iron stores. Iron deficiency anemia does not occur during the neonatal period, but premature and low birth weight babies are at risk of developing iron deficiency.

In full-term babies iron deficiency can occur due to intestinal malformation that leads to duodenal resection.

To avoid iron deficiency in at-risk babies, iron supplementation is recommended from the thirtieth postnatal day. The best method to avoid iron absorption deficiency in premature babies is the enteral administration of iron.

Iron polymaltose complex and amino acid-based iron chelators are preferable to ferrous hemoiltica in premature babies because of the reduced oxidative side effects of iron administration. Intravenous administration is safe and does not increase the oxidative side effects. Anemia; iron deficiency; iron; fetus; newborn. Abordaremos, neste artigo, os RN prematuros e de baixo peso. Observa-se em primeiras semanas de vida uma queda acentuada, autolimitada, da taxa de hemoglobina, comum a todos os lactentes.


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Plasma folate levels in preterm infants, with and without a 1 mg daily folate supplement. The efficacy and safety of early supplementation of iron polymaltose complex in preterm infants. Oral iron therapy in human subjects, comparative absorption between ferrous salts and iron polymaltose.

Oral supplementation with ferrous sulfate but not with non-ionic iron polymaltose complex increases the susceptibility of plasma lipoproteins qnemia oxidation.

Early treatment of premature infants with recombinant human erythropoietin.

Iron deficiency in the fetus and newborn

Erythrocyte iron incorporation but not absorption is increased by intravenous iron administration in erythropoietin-treated premature infants. J Nutr ; 7: A comparison of oral end intravenous iron supplementation in premature infants receiving recombinant erythropoietin. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Peidatria.

Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.