With the three phases of Fat Blast, you’ll lose up to 15 lbs in 15 days, and learn raw food chef Ani Phyo breaks down the myths and preconceptions of eating. Ani Phyo has a book out called Ani’s 15 Day Fat Blast with the sub title. The Kick- Ass Plan to Get Lighter, Tighter and Sexier .Super Fast!. Book review: Ani’s Day Fat Blast: The Kick-Ass Plan to get Lighter, Ani Phyo , for those who don’t know, is a household name in the world.

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She suggests that you eat drink the sweet ones before lunch and have the savory ones for lunch and dinner.

Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast: The Kick-Ass Raw Food Plan to Get Lighter, Tighter, and Sexier … Super Fast

I am already raw vegan but my normal choices in produce, nuts and treats did not bkast the shopping list in the book. Books by Ani Phyo. This phase introduces foods with probiotics, like miso, sauerkraut, capers, and nutritional yeast, and the flavor of the food does get more interesting.

I did not lose weight within the first 15 days, but decided to repeat Phase II and Phase III of the diet as suggested if you wish to lose more weight.

Day Fat Blast | Food2Live4

Would it be difficult? This was the case for the first tat of the program. Once again, my Blast partner, Kathy, and I met to pre-assemble the recipes for the next 3 days. We cut back from the 3 meals and 3 snacks per day to 3 meals and 1 or 2 snacks per day and try not to eat after our dinner.


The drink meals, I found, were satisfying, tasty, and filling. It keeps me out of the kitchen and away from temptation! She focuses on regularly checking in with your emotions during the program, and so you feel that she is with you there every step of the way. May 09, A. I also maintained a regular exercise schedule with 30 – 40 minutes on an elliptical trainer twice a wni and one weekend hike of more nai 1 hour in duration per my normal exercise schedule.

But I must admit that I tend to always make a variation of the same smoothie and same salad for every meal, so it ffat exciting for me to experiment with such a wide array of different recipes every day in these meal-type categories. This is not easy for me because I normally change every recipe. The diet it’s going to break your bank though. That was the question, which you will discover the answer to shortly!

I have followed the plan phoy the expensive SuperFoods. Refresh and try again.

The recipes are easy to follow– no need for a dehydrator in this book!! It’s easy to read.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I haven’t completed the detox so i will update my review once i’m done. All the ingredients are fresh, whole, raw, and vegan. If I didn’t want to lose weight I would buy this book.


I hate when they sell a book with a new cover and in this case, new title and act like it’s a new book. Recipes are provided for two sweet and two savory options. You might need to go a few rounds with this plan to reboot your taste buds That certainly never happened to me when I went vegan years ago in fact, I gained a lot of weight.

I really liked this book. And then Phase 2 came along. I’m so happy I found this book.

I weighed in this morning and I lost an additional three pounds over the weekend! Her raw vegan recipes are usually fairly easy to follow and always taste great.

The only thing to really take time is the soaking of nuts and seeds. So this plan makes the diet easy a acces I really liked this book. Rat bought the book in part for the 17 soup recipes and the smoothie and snack recipes.

This program, howe Fat Blast does what it says on the cover: The Fat Blast continues! Gigi Anber rated it really liked it Jan 05, It’s easy to follow. Those raw soups are not very appetising – especially phyk winter!

Day rated it it was amazing. Continue here to Part 2.