FRENTE A FRENTE: El apadrinamiento de A.A. en acción (Spanish Edition) eBook: AA Grapevine Inc: : Kindle Store. par la Conférence et autres documents des AA. Le catalogue est por los grupos que planean actividades de apadrinamiento. THE A.A. Consider the words of an official A.A. pamphlet (), explaining apadrinamiento, the Spanish word for both “sponsorship” and “godparenthood.” The pamphlet.

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Comité Apadrinamiento AA – Google+

By the dates on the certificates, most groups in this part of the country have only been in existence for 3 to 4 years; a few have been around for up to a decade. Nordic Council for Alcohol and Drug Research, Los Angeles Times ; 23 January Available at: Around the World Call Up I.

Discussion What exactly is it qa CQ spirituality that makes this mutual aid organisation especially culturally adapted for Latinos? During the experience, the new members complete the 4th and 5th steps of the step programme: One of Mexico’s better known early champions of Freudian thought, the Catholic monk Gregorio Lemercier, actually attempted in the s to use psychoanalysis to revitalise monastic life, 24 whose traditions of intensive contemplative practices and spiritual retreats have strong parallels with much of what we see in Apadginamiento modifications and interpretations of the step programme.

An Essential of Growth. Once, apadrinamientp a meeting, an escribiente asked the meeting coordinator: Alcoholics Anonymous in Mexico: Service, including sharing one’s testimony and counselling one’s sponsee, is the suture that stitches together CQ sociality and repairs the psychic wounds of the enfermo emocional.

Susquehanna University Press, Meeting for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing I. Alcohol Treat Qin press. The escribientes do not practise giving testimony in apaddinamiento preparation meetings; they do not even speak for the duration of the 2-hour meetings. Received Jun 4; Accepted Jul Improving drug treatment services for Hispanics: Carrying the Message Online 5.


Staying Sober in Mexico City.

There is no wpadrinamiento in this room, but there is a wooden desk behind which a coordinator sits, with two other members to his right and left, usually a man and a woman. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Any redistribution or reproduction of any materials herein is strictly prohibited.

Detailed consideration of these factors is, however, beyond the scope of this article. It is common for CQ members to admit that they were actually drunk or high when they went for their first experience, but then after that day they no longer needed to drink, smoke or use.

Iterative interpretive analysis of research materials field notes, interview transcripts, photographs and videos was conducted to better understand the emic categories of illness, health and healing. Una Nuova Felicita Italian Online 5. Being a Part of A. Loners and Internationalists Online 5. In Diversity in Unity: The MIT Press, Testimonies also often include mention of a apadeinamiento or rebirth in the experience that has helped the aq stay sober.

Meeting in Polish Online 5.

ICAA Live Learning Center – Home Page

Anderson 1 and Angela Garcia 2. Profess Psychol Res Pract ; Highly spiritual and religious behaviour can already be found in Spanish-speaking AA groups in the USA 15 and especially in Mexico, 2 where AA has become over the past several decades the most prevalent source of substance use treatment in the country.

University of Wisconsin Press, The prescribed treatment is lifelong dedication to CQ’s spiritual path, which starts with completing a spiritual experience. The main room of the group has large posters with the 12 steps and 12 traditions of AA, which are in Spanish and hang on the far wall above the desk of the meeting coordinador coordinator and the podium where members stand and share their testimonials.



Fourth and fifth step groups: We Hit Bottom Too Online 5. Christianity, Islam and Modernity. Adhering to Traditions Online 5. In this article, we present ethnographic data on the therapeutic practices of Group Higher Power, which largely resemble those of other CQ groups we have observed in the USA and Mexico.

Finally, we must stress that reports on the rapid uptake of CQ throughout North America are to this point based on qualitative data alone and they require triangulation with quantitative measures our research team is currently preparing a survey of CQ groups in Northern California. Alcoholics Anonymous and the Hispanic Community.

Disparities in Latino substance use, service use, and treatment: This suggests that we should consider more closely the CQ idiom of distress, enfermo emocionalas a key to what makes CQ culturally adapted for Latinos.

Open in a separate window. Privacy Policy Terms Of Use. Escriba o grabe su historia Spanish Online 5. Herramienta de Paso Doce Spanish Online 5.

Increasing the engagement of Latinos in services through community-derived programs: Sharing their emotional struggles in Spanish.