For the book, see Mythic Europe (book). Mythic Europe is the medieval, fantastical setting of the Ars Magica roleplaying game. Mythic Europe is in many ways. Transforming Mythic Europe Hermetic magic has the power to change the world. A magus fresh from apprenticeship can create a land to rule where there was. Introduce this full range of possibility into your saga’s stories with Tales of Mythic Europe, a collection of short adventures for Ars Magica Fifth Edition.

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In this game you can play a Magus, with the Full power of legendary wizards, or the companion of such a sorcerer, a talented ally with your own unique motivations and antipathies.

Ars Magica – Mythic Europe – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

The covenant serves as the home base for the characters and ejrope the central “character” in the ever-developing saga. Changing features of the spell will alter the spell’s level. Flexible combat rules make each battle distinct and unpredictable, and often deadly.

Your imagination and the time you have to study are your only limits as a wizard in Ars Magica. For some, Ars Magica is a game of high fantasy totally removed from any historical veracity. Take advantage of the balanced and open-ended character generation system and design a unique character without artificial class restrictions. Its members, the magitake an Oath that binds them to the Order and its laws.


These resources may be helpful to Ars Magica players. You’ll also take on the role of a magus, a wizard of legendary power, a leader of the covenant, a member of one of the Houses of Hermes. Most magi do their best to avoid the Infernal. The Devil plot with its minions.

Ars Magica 2nd Edition. It is a world very similar to Medieval Europe: The history of this page before August 6, is archived at Europf A covenant is more than just a base of operations. Go to our Sales Site.

Affiliated with the Magic Realm, magi usually live in magical places and spend much of their time improving their magical Arts and power. Ars Magica focuses on the tales of wizards, which by the nature of things tends to accentuate the Mythic elements of the setting. Your magi may choose differently. Wizards go around doing magic, and faeries try to corrupt mankind for myhic strange purposes.

Ars Magica: Mythic Europe

The covenant is where the characters perform their downtime activities between adventures and these activities are very important to a campaign set in Mythic Europe. Ancient Magic Ars Magica 5th Edition. The Order of Hermes is an organization encompassing nearly every wizard of power in Mythic Europe.

Some magi seek out these engimatic beings, while others abhor their or try to render them europs raw vis. More Information Edit History. Ars Magica 4th Edition. You can also take the role of a companion, aiding the wizards with your specialized skills and talents. However, Mythic Europe is awash with magic and the supernatural. Download Adventures in Mythic Europe. In Mythic Europe God does not limit his grace to a single faith, and Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all enjoy the blessings of the Dominion – as do many heresies and other religions.


Mythic Europe – Project: Redcap

Superior artisans and pious men and women of faith are also included in their numbers. God exists and His agents roam Earth. There are a couple of reasons for the official setting to mirror real history. Living in a strong mystical arss, being affected by a powerful mystical effect, being continuously under the influence of a mystical effect, and “botching” an attempt to use a mystical ability can all result in a character gaining Warping Points eurppe increasing their Warping Score.

Ars Magica 3rd Edition. Thus you can enjoy all the possibilities that the rules have to offer, from brutal combat, to clever skill use, to sophisticated manipulation of the magic arts.