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A sample of 98 patients divided into the case and the control groups was made up. The methods used were summary statistics percentagesthe odds ratios, the Chi-square method and the confidence intervals.

Tumores de la conjuntiva

Graphs and tables reflected the collected information. It was concluded that years-old group was the most affected, the male sex prevailed and that the occupation as fisherman is a possible risk factor for pterygium. The length of service was considered as a possible risk factor for pterygium and its level of severity.

Pterygium, occupation, risk factors. En este lugar se ubica la Empresa Pesquera Industrial “La Coloma”, constituida por pescadores que viven en este consejo popular. Teniendo en cuenta estos dos factores explicados: The manegement of pterygium. Ophtamol Clin North Am. Chronic Actinic keratopathy, a condition associated with conjunctival elastosis pingueculae and typified by characteristic extracellular concretions.

Risk analysis in the development of pterygia. Solar keratosis, ptert-gium, and squamous cell carcinoma of the conjunctiva in Malawi.

Meta-analysis on the recurrence rales after bare sclera resection with and without mitomycin C use and conjunctival autograft placement in surgery for primary pterygium. Intraoperative mitomycin C to prevent recurrence of pterygium after excision: Abnormal expression of the p53 tumor suppressor gene in the conjunctiva of patients with pterygium.


Microsatellite instability and loss of heterozygosity in human pterygia.

Dushku N, Reid TW. P53 expression in altered limbal basal cells of pingueculae, pterygia, and limbal tumors. Expression of p53 protein in pterygium. Regulation of collagenase, stromelysin and urokinase-type plasminogen activator in primary pterygium body fibroblast by inflammatory cytokines. Invest Ophtalmol Vis Sci. Prevalence of pinguecula in Greenland and in Copenhagen, zrticulos its relation to pterygium and spheroid degeneration.

The prevalence and risk factors for pterygium in adult Chinese population in Singapore: Prevalence of pterygium and pinguecula: Aust N Z J Ophtalmol. Epidemiology of pterygium in Victoria, Australia. Corneal changes associated with chronic UV irradiation. Ultraviolet rediation and the eye: Trans Am Ophtalmol Soc.

Ergin A, Bozdogan O. Study of taer fuction abnormality in pterygium. Geometrical assessment of ocular exposure to environemental UV radiation implication for ophtalmic epidemiology. The pathogenesis of pterygia. Ishioka M et al.

Condiciones y enfermedades de los ojos

Pterygium and dry eye. Li DQ et al. Frequency and risk factors for pterygium in the Barbados Eye Study. Enfermedades de la conjuntiva.

El manual moderno; Consideraciones sobre el Pterigion secundario. Oyola J et al. Garrido M, Manrique G.

Universidad Nacional de La Libertad; Mast cells and pterygium. Mast cell in pterygiun number and artiulos. Japan J of Ophthalmol. In Brightbill F ed. Corneal surgery theory, technique, tissue. Dua HS, Azuara A. Limbal Stem cells of the corneal epithelium. Ultrastructural studies on the pterygium.

Connective tissue, vessels and nerves articuloos the conjunctival part. An ultrastructural pathological study of pterygium. Matrix metalloproteinases in disease and repair processes in the anterior segment. Case of lethal multiple pterkgion syndrome with special reference to the origin of pterygia. Am J Med Genet. The conjunctival goblet cell in pterygium formation. Epithelium pteriigion glands of the conjunctival part. Simsek T et al. Comparative efficacy of beta-irradiation and mitomycin C in primary and recurrent pterygium.

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Troutbeck R et al. Review of treatment of pterygium in Queensland: Analysis of variation in success rates in conjunctival autografting for primary and recurrent pterygium. Autologous conjunctiva-limbus transplantation in treatment of primary and recurrent pterygium article in German. Conjunctival grrafting for ocular surface disease. Curr Opin Ophthal ;10 4 ; Active matrilysin MMP-7 in human pterygia: Invest Ophth Vis Sci. Impression cytology-proven corneal stem cell deficiency in patients after surgeries involving the limbus.

Pterygium surgery using the principle of contact inhibition and a limbal transplanted pedicle conjunctival strip. The clinical significance of a single unilateral temporal pterygium. Surgical treatment of pterygium. Activity of disolved mitomycin C after different methods of long-term storage.

Theory, technique, and tissue. Corneal and refractive surgery. Autoplastia conjuntival en el Articulow primario. Factores de riesgo ligados al ambiente laboral. Mar del Plata, Argentina: Yanes L, Primera C, Condiciones de trabajo y salud de los pteriyion artesanales del occidente de Venezuela. Revista Salud Trabajadores, Venezuela. Programa de Actividades Sectoriales; Rev 16 de abril.

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