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The puffer has a worldwide equatorial distribution and is mentioned in many ancient texts, ranging from the Egyptian medical books, Chinese herbals, and the Bible itself. Darkens on exposure to air. Use the same caution in handling that you would with any contact poison.

Full text of “Assorted nasties”

This pod is made from the neck of a narrow balloon, such as is used to make balloon animals. Yield is roughly 70 grams. Its value lies in the fact that it is an exceptionally fine intradermal penetration and carrier agent; it soaks through the intact skin in minutes, taking whatever it is mixed with into the bloodstream and leaving no external marks.

It will deliver a Ice load of toxin with minimal discomfort to the target. The toxin used should be a thin liquid such as nicotine or a solution of a powdered poison in the appropriate solvent. The yellowish-greenchlorine gas will begin generating. Absence of blood in the brain precipitates a normal paralysis of the brain or a heart attack, as a result of which the victim dies.


The result is the same. Though the rod is unstable in flight, at close ranges it will punch through most soft body armor with ease, presupposing an adequate velocity, of course. It induces hypnosis and anesthesia, but not analgesia pain relief Hypnosis is produced within 30 to 40 seconds of injection. An efficient toxic projectile may be made with a few simple modifications of a commercial jacketed hol- low-point round.

The bullet will have by this time left the bore on its way to the target. If the solution is cold it will be difficult, if not impossible to cause precipitation. This can be prevented by adding phosphoric acid, in a proportion of 0. That just wouldn’t do. The head is routinely poisoned this is in violation of the ancient Chinese Martial Code governing the use of this weapon.

Shake for several minutes.

They are very close to conventional nerve gases in toxicity. Hook up an aspirator to provide vacuum and distill gently until the flask has only one quarter of the original volume left.

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Angedelamorte marked it as to-read Jun 09, TTX is both fast-acting and powerful, but has one flaw – it takes a lot of raw material to get a usable amount of pure toxins. The Japanese use a technique of placing toads in an electric cage to pro- duce their highly prized aphrodisiac “sweat of toad”.

The substances you will be working with are lethal in the extreme. This agent is ideal for treating enclosed spaces such as rooms or an automobile interior.

Blend at medium speed for 5 minutes. At least 15 species of puffer have been found to be toxic, most of them from the genus Spheoroides. Injected or in- haled – same as oral, but they begin within several hours and death occurs in a few days. BookDB marked it as to-read Nov 05, If not, discard the powder and proceed to stop 5.

The exit gas line from the condenser is connected to a mercury bub- bler. Speed is dependent on dosage – large doses work quickly. This does not, however, mean it is undetectable.