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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. An American National Standard Designation: D — 95 Reapproved Designation: A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval. A superscript epsilon e indicates an editorial change since the last revision or reapproval. This test method has been approved by the sponsoring committees and accepted by the Cooperating Societies awtm accordance with established procedures. This standard has been approved for use by agencies of the Department of Defense.

Scope Coatings and Material4 1. If sampling is for the Samples for Laboratory Analysis5 precise astmm of volatility, use Practice D in D Test Method for Oxidation Stability axtm Gasoline conjunction with this practice. A summary of the manual sampling procedures and their D Practices for Sampling Electrical Insulating Liquids6 applications is presented in Table 1.

Last previous zstm D — Floor, New York, NY Emulsified asphalts f4057 tanks, tank cars, lines, packages As a result, it is recommended that the leum Products exact sampling location for example, 15 cm from the bottom Chapter 8. Liquid Samples of Petroleum and Petroleum Products 3.

Chapter 10, various sections, Sediment and Water Determi- 3. See the total volume that contains the constituents in the same Fig. For additional information on an automatic sampler, see Practice D It does not apply when the outlet comes wstm the floor 70 50 20 6 4 of the tank or turns down into a sump. Bottom sample location must be 60 50 20 5 5 specified. Apparatus extending from the gaging platform to near the bottom of tanks 6. To be able to select the right container for a a Discussion—Stand pipes may also be found on ships and given application one must have knowledge of the material to barges.

Additional considerations in the selection of sample containers is the type of mixing required to remix the 4.

Summary of Practice contents before transferring astk sample from the container and 4. To facilitate the discussion on proper handling and semi-liquid or solid state from tanks, pipelines, drums, barrels, mixing of samples, sample containers are referred to as either cans, tubes, bags, kettles and open-discharge streams. It ad- primary or intermediate containers. Regardless of the type of dresses, in detail, the various factors which need to be sample container used, the sample d44057 should be large considered in obtaining a representative sample.

The astmm capacity is sample, the types of sample containers to be used and any required for thermal expansion of the sample and enhances special instructions required for special materials to be sample mixing. Test Method D can provide additional guidance. Significance and Use 6. A series of spot samples may be combined to create 6. Bottles of this type 5.


Used engine oil samples that may have been water analysis to ensure a representative sample. The require- subjected to fuel dilution should not be stored in plastic ments governing the amount of mixing and type of mixing containers.

Refer to shatter like glass or corrode d40577 metal containers. Practice D for more astk information. Such a flux is easily removed with or mechanicalor use of a shear mixer. Tests have shown it is resistance, and sludge formation may be erroneous. Internal difficult to impart sufficient mixing energy to mix and maintain epoxy lined cans may have residual contamination and precau- a homogeneous representative s4057.

Practice D con- tions should be taken to ensure its removal. Practice D tains more detailed information. Corks must be of mining sample quantity in many of the sampling procedures good quality, clean, and free from holes and loose bits of cork. Never use rubber stoppers.

Prevent the sample from contacting 6. Sam- before forcing it into the bottle. Screw caps providing a vapor pling devices shall be clean, dry, and free of all substances that tight closure seal shall be used for cans. Screw caps must be might contaminate the material being sampled. Manual Sampling Considerations and contaminate the sample.

Containers used to take samples 7. Prior to further use, reusable containers 7. Use of sludge solvents to remove all traces of sampled may adversely affect the representative adtm of sediments and sludge may be necessary.

Following the solvent the sample s.

ASTM D – 06 Standard Practice for Manual Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products

Therefore, the sampling operation should be wash, the container should be washed with a strong soap conducted before innage gaging, the associated temperature solution, rinsed thoroughly with tap water, and given a final determination, and any f4057 similar activity that could disturb rinse using distilled water.

Dry the container either by passing the tank contents. When sampling operation, the order of precedence for sampling dry, stopper or cap the container immediately.

Normally, it is should start from the top and work downward, according to the not necessary to wash new containers. In most applications, it is not desirable or 7. It is good 6. When the respective tests are performed on individual that have stratified to ensure that a representative sample is samples, which is the recommended procedure, the test results available for transfer to an intermediate container or the are averaged generally.

This is especially critical when remixing 7. In order for such a composite eters, should not be lowered into or suspended in a compart- tank sample to be representative of the material contained in ment or tank that is being filled, or immediately after cessation the various tanks, the quantity from the individual samples of pumping. Conductive material such as gage tape should used to prepare the composite tank sample must be propor- always be in contact with gage tube until immersed in the fluid.

In most other A waiting period normally 30 min or more after filling compositing situations, equal volumes from the individual cessation will generally be required to permit dissipation of samples must be used. The method ashm compositing should be the electrostatic charge. In order to reduce the potential for documented and care taken to preserve the integrity of the static charge, nylon or polyester rope, cords, or clothing should samples. It is recommended that a portion of each tank sample not be used.


Special Instructions for Specific Materials 7. Refer to Practice D for guidance on 9. Tank samples of crude oil and residual oils 7. The running sample or the composite of the upper, before capping. All other samples shall be capped immediately middle, and lower sample may not represent the concentration and taken to the laboratory.

The loss of light sludge. The bottom is often covered by pools of free product clarity. The more transfers between containers, the water or water emulsion impounded by layers of sludge or greater the likelihood one or both of these problems adtm occur. See Practice D for additional information concerning the 9. D is recommended whenever samples of these materials 7.

However, tank samples should be maintained in a closed container in order to samples may be used when agreed to by all parties to the prevent loss of light components. Samples should be protected transaction.

Tank sampling, in accordance with the procedures another container or test vessel, the sample must be thoroughly outlined in Section 13, is acceptable under the conditions mixed in accordance with the type of material and appropriate covered in 5. Exercise care to ensure mixing does not alter industrial aromatic hydrocarbons benzene, toluene, xylene, the components within the sample, for example, loss of light and solvent naphthasproceed in accordance with Sections ends.

See Practice D for more asgm instructions. See Annex A1 for details. However, it is presumed that the 9. Annex A1 provides qts by mixing equal parts of the upper and lower samples. Prepare a composite sample of at d4075 1 L 1 qt by a temperature of 0 to 4.

Multi-Level Self-Sealing Sampler

Method Dobtain samples by the boring procedure in About g 2 lb of sheet asphalt and instructions that follow. If the largest lumps in the Obtain samples from tanks, necessary. Never expose them to temperatures above those tank aztm, and tank adtm by the bottle sampling procedure necessitated by atmospheric conditions. Use the dipper procedure in Section 15 to make certain that cans are free of contaminants, such as rust obtain asmt for fill or discharge lines.

Sample packages in and soldering flux. Clean the bottles by the procedure de- accordance with Table 3. If the material is solid or semisolid, scribed in 6. Rinse thoroughly with distilled water, dry, and use the boring sampling procedure described in Section Obtain at least 4 L 1 gal or 4. Store the samples in clean, airtight containers at a dure in Use a directly in the bottle.