Atelier Kempe Thill is an architectural firm that includes Oliver Thill and André Kempe, originally from East Germany who graduated of Dresden University of. The Hiphouse project in Zwolle presented Atelier Kempe Thill with a welcome opportunity to fundamentally question the assignment ‘social housing’. Largely. Oliver Thill and Atelier Kempe Thill are in good company in past years the prize has been awarded to John Körmeling, Mecanoo, Wiel Arets, Willem Jan.

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In it, the residents can withdraw and relax away from the public space. You can unsubscribe at any time. Collective Living Room This residential hotel is defined by a differentiated use of space. The task here was extremely delicate since such facilities are very unpopular with the population and normally have a miserable existence in container structures on the urban periphery in industrial or railway wastelands, almost never realized as a new building in the direct vicinity of central, public institutions and parks.

Fringe Group in the Center The Amsterdam-Bijlmermeer housing development, which was erected in the nineteenseventies based on CIAM principles under the direction of Siegfried Nassuth, has been being overhauled since the mid-nineteen-nineties due to a wide range of social and structural problems.

All technical installations are integrated in the walls and the floors, so no lowered ceilings where necessary, which contributes to higher rooms.

Anodized aluminium profiles hold the high quality solar-protection glazing to form the facade. The slightly rough concrete floor is only coated with a layer of polyurethane; the ceiling is covered with an acoustic spray plaster.

Grey matter: Atelier Kempe Thill’s Antwerp housing draws on the city’s modernist legacy

Current user location United States. He is a founding partner of the Rotterdam based firm Atelier Kempe Thill, which he directs together with Oliver Thill since The Emancipation of Social Housing Upon entering the apartments it becomes evident that even in social housing real luxury should be indispensable. The building block, measuring 23m x 32m and providing 8 units per floor, has a very limited facade surface in relation to its floor area; this favourably affects building costs and enables the high quality detailing of the facade.


Visitors also selected Visitors interested in this project also looked at these projects: Then, the very rough surface is finished with an Kempd protective coating.

Space-dividing walls are kempee executed in glass, which gives rise to expansive visual connections within the building that are necessary for facilitating an overview and for social interaction. By doing so, architecture is free to express the hidden vitality of our time. Current user location United States.

Interior lighting Outdoor lighting. The quality of our taelier is important, therefore, the office prefers to work on the basis of full commission during the whole process allowing the office to guarantee a good product.

The pleasure of designing is combined with professional management. Given the opportunity the office enters the design process earlier than normal shifting the emphasis from just solving problems to searching for the right questions. Thank you for registering to the newsletter. In addition, the established public park is being regenerated and made better connected with the district center via the square.

By its generosity the circulation space becomes an area for social interaction between inhabitants and adequately expresses the collective of an expedient alliance of tenants.

By this the office is able to offer new solutions for the spatial organization and a better detailing of the building within the given, often limited — budgets. In a display of the complexities of city life a vital and optimistic image emerges, striking up intensive communication with the neighbourhood.


In order to realise a spatially appealing building within this framework, it was necessary to apply a variety of very cost-efficient construction methods. With this, the hall is given a very specific character without limiting its multi-functionality.

Atelier Kempe Thill takes this modern paradox very consciously as the point of departure ayelier the work. Accordingly, very few alternatives to standard solutions are being produced which, by becoming showcases, could act as catalysts to break out of the recent stasis.

Since the nineties, contemporary architecture is being confronted more and more with a contradictory phenomenon that appears on all scales and working fields. International star-architects barely show any interest in the topic. The combination of these two room types, the open and closed space, determines the appearance and character of the building. Atelier Kempe Thill is becoming increasingly well known in architectural circles.

An attempt is made to eliminate the urban problems of the CIAM planning while nevertheless maintaining its qualities.

Dutch firm Atelier Kempe Thill’s concrete housing project | Wallpaper*

A decision was consciously made to use light gray, easy-to-clean surfaces in combination with a lot of glass in order ztelier offer a calm framework for everyday life. The insulation is sprayed onto the sand-lime brick in liquid form and froths up on-site. From an early stage the office is working closely together with various technical advisors to investigate all the design possibilities and push the project to its limits. Textiles Parking systems Floor Wall.

The units are very well lit, ekmpe minimal circulation areas and large living spaces with freestanding kitchen blocks. On the upper floor is the Community Hall.