(c) Gyani Nahar Singh’s Preface PUBLISHER’S NOTE The first edition of ‘Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh’ was published in the year. Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh. by Dr. Trilochan Singh (Author) Language The History and the Compilation of Dasam Granth. Language: English. Bibliography. Copyright © Narinder Singh Sall “Brief Biological Sketch of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji”. Retrieved from.

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The boys asked for ice. He was a very healthy lad, bubbling with 2. He not only resented it but also did not allow any of his companions to have anything to do with such activities. Bhai Randhir Singh procured plenty of autobiograpny. But when Hardyal calculated the legal and political risks of starting a revolutionary paper in a foreign country, he shrank from the grim and dangerous responsi- bility.

Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

I learned new information about the Ghadar Movement in the U. These delegates were Dr.

The political consciousness created by the extremists in a decade could not have been created by the moderates in half a century. But soon the move- ment of protest against British Government became a fiery move- ment for political freedom. I Jagainst the accused on October 28, mentions that they were. But he was not baptised. Even when I came to the Nabha Hostel, my residence, my mind was actively yearning and praying for God and I neglected my studies.

Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji –

Whenever he appeared in Panthic and national gatherings people forgot all politicians, min- isters and other leaders in the face of the imposing and grand Charisma of his commanding presence. In a confessional statement Mewa Wahib wrote: The story of My Experiment with Truth P. Perhaps the book can make the reader mature by fifty years. Well built in body, his height at the age of 25 is recorded as 5 feet tandhir inches.


Catechism of the Revolution Article I and 5. English Choose a language for shopping. Though the counsel told us in argu- ments that the accused’s father has been undergoing an operation, no defence witnesses were produced to show why he was not produced as a witness to most important facts in connection with his son with whom he is autobiograhpy on good terms.

Nand Singh Seehra, 27 S.

In the joy and comforts of her father-in-law’s rich mansions, little did she dream that the best years ofher youth would change into the most terrible years of loneliness, suffering and distress and for nearly two decades her days and nights would pass in untold anguish and sorrow.

Cole Principal of Khalsa College appeared on his side and the evidence of approvers and prosecuting witnesses was patently false and erroneously tutored, the judge- When Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded by Aurangzeb in Chandni Chowk, Delhi and his body was carried away under cover of a dust-storm by Lakhi Rai, his disciple, to his residence at Rikabganj, he put the whole of his house to flames to cremate the body and later placing the remains in a metal vessel buried it at the exact place of cremation hoping to build a shrine to commemorate the Guru’s martyrdom.

This is what led me to take Hopkinson’s life and sacrifice my own in order to lay bare the oppression exercised upon innocent people.

Sardar Dasaunda Singh wrote: He inherited the qualities of the head from his father and the qualities of the heart from his mother. May Third Edition: The Sikh emigrants urged him to take up the cause of the racial discrimination against Indians. Bhai Randhir Singh was perhaps the first outstanding leader of the times who not only baptised Hindus born in low caste families but once they became disciplined Khalsa, he treated them as his gur-bhais and kith and kin in the fraternity of Guru Gobind Singh.


They visited Nankana Sahib, Tarn Taran on religious festivals and openly exhorted the people to revolt against the British in such violent language which frightened the peasants in the face of mass arrests of returned emigrants and the shooting of the passengers of Komagata Maru.

Five of them were actually marched to the railway station on the morning of 19 February and entrained for their homes. When the Sikhs were ordered to leave the ship, they came out in a procession carrying a copy of Bid Guru Granth Sahib and the Sikh flag. As he was a landlord Rais all he could do was to awaken the conscience of upper class Sardars.

The mystic significance and the sublim- ity of the Guru’s hymns became so clear to me within a few days that I became a restless seeker for the unseen Beloved. While the revolu- tionary philosohy of the Ghadarites was of anarchist revolutionar- ies, that of Bhai Randhir Singh was a passion for freedom inspired by Sikh history and ideals of Sikhism.

Jyot Vigas and Darshan Jhalkan are his two poetical contributions. Randhir, Uttam, Jagar, send these-join.