A relatively small book, both in page count and literal size, Camo Specs (subtitle: units during the late Succession Wars era, for painting BattleTech miniatures. BattleTech CamoSpecs Online, No Central Location. likes ยท 98 talking about this. Camo Specs Online is the official source for the camo specs of the. BATTLLETECI-. CAMO. SPECS. A GUIDE TO REGIMENTAL PAINT SCHEMES BATTLETECH and MECHWARRIOR are trademarks of FASA. Corporation.

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It would be nice to search by paint scheme. I still recommend using complementary colors with your ‘Mechs and their cockpits though. Reference paint battleteh info 2. I mix these together on my pallet and then dip my brush in the water, flick a little off and add that.

Game:Battletech Camo Specs A Guide to Regimental Paint Schemes

You of course can do whatever you find that works best for you. Use of Pigments To players and hobbyists, the art of painting miniatures can feel overwhelming.

I’d say odds are good the Units page will either be massively overhauled or disappear.

I understand its being rebuilt which is better than a faulty roll out. And I double checked by using terms like: Red ‘Mechs have green cockpits and blue ‘Mechs get orange cockpits. Colt Ward Beware the vengeance of a patient man.

We are not saying the changes are bad, just that it is having problems at this stage. Thanks for taking a look and get to painting slackers! If you ever have any questions, just post to our Forum and I’ll be over to answer them! Look at the latest painted minis What other things do you use our website for?


I went to look at Republic of the Sphere’s IX 9th Hastati Sentinels, the article describes unit symbol not actual unit was painted and what paints were used. I search one time, it doesn’t load properly, then i closed window and tried again then it was working better.

Why did you change the page? Now i can’t tell. Civil War [ – ]. Also note that it dries a little smoother after you finish. Follow my blog for Battletech battle reports! Just a single dab or pinprick. This is all personal and up to the artist though.

Colt Ward on 28 January Shin Yodama on 25 January Figure out how to assemble a mini 3. Yeah, I think the site look better but miss the ability to see newest mini’s painted. Watching TrueToaster create evil genius, priceless Now, if you have a black or grey ‘Mech with highlights, I use the complement of the highlights. In fact, it seemed like there were way more pieces than should reasonably fit on an aerospace fighter.

Hang in there and I can’t wait to see the final design.

In general I’m getting used to the new site, and other than being slow I can find what I want. Hammer on 25 January On my ‘Mechs, I chose a cockpit color based on the predominant color of the ‘Mech. Colt Ward Colonel Posts: Now for me, this big issue, which is a disconnect of sorts, and likely more than any a problem with me, and not the site.


Camospecs Website

Battletehc a Not-Named Clan Mech. An overview of various techniques that you can use to improve each of the key areas mentioned. Granted, it needs some aesthetic adjustments I always come back and add at least a little bit of wear and tear. We can only hope for the best.

Camo Specs

Now for something a little tricky; take out two parts of your base color and lay it down seperate from your original color or you can put enough color into your mix to make it almost purethen take a little from the original mix and mix spfcs into the base color so it’s not too vibrant.

I pretty much start at ‘factions’ and work battletecn way down to whatever I’m looking for there. Complementary Colors go together and look appealing to your eyes.