BC Introduction to the ABAP Workbench mySAP Technology Date Training Center Instructors Education Website Participant Handbook Course Version. Utilize the ABAP Workbench tools efficiently central types (ABAP Dictionary types); Overview of important ABAP statements; Using internal tables ( introduction). The goal of the ABAP Workbench Foundations (BC) course is for you to gain a BC (Introduction to Programming with ABAP) or previous programming.

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The technical distribution of software is wofkbench of its physical location on the hardware. Display the result in a list. This makes it easier to position column headers.

BC400 ABAP Workbench: Foundations

There are other concepts, such as applying an authorization check to a transaction code, but these are merely extras and introductionn replacements. Unlike the logical functional divisions that separate Repository objects using packages, change requests are project-related and therefore have a limitation with regard to the time schedule involved.

For sorted tables and hashed tables, the system inserts the row by referring to the key. Pass the internal table containing the data that has been read using the interface.

Extend your list output to include the percentage occupancy. Execute your program by entering the new transaction code.

A part of the previously used working memory remains available for future insertions. Except for the first query, all further branches are optional. Only execute the database access if the user has display authorization for the selected airline.

aorkbench Users can define and save variants for any program that contains a selection screen. Passing an Internal Table The above example shows a main program calling a subroutine, which specifies the number of lines of an internal table needed to fulfill a specific criterion.


You can still use the source code later. These entities relate to each other. Working with Structures Figure You can add colors and icons.

Course Description for BC

Generation takes place automatically, but it can also be triggered explicitly. ABAP programs are processed on the application server. Using your own structures as interfaces makes the program easier to understand and helps you avoid errors.

It is known as an ABAP join. Such events can be initiated by the ABAP runtime system itself or by the user. If you enter a value with an incorrect type, the system displays an error message and makes the field ready for new input. Any new entries or changes that the user makes on the screen are then transferred back into this data object. Nitroduction, for the sake of clarity, you should place all declarative statements together at the beginning of the source code, with the exception of local declarations within subroutines.

Creating Transaction Codes 5. Repeat the exercise 1. These entities all relate to each other in certain ways: So that a repository object is available on a system-wide basis, it must first be available as an active version.

BC Introduction to the ABAP Workbench | Livio Barone –

The value of the actual parameter is physically changed by the subroutine through the address. All output from the event blocks that create the lists and from the modularization units processed before a list is sent, is temporarily stored in the list buffer.


For you to do this, however, a generated version of the program must already exist. Make sure you comply with the customer namespace conventions. Possible database accesses that initiate changes in the database should not be used unless the user understands the SAP transaction concept. A unique key is required. All other products mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

If you use the AS TEXT addition, the system will take the culture-specific sorting rule into account when sorting by character-type fields. For more details, refer to the keyword documentation for the SORT statement.

You can use the MOVE statement to copy the contents of data objects. For reasons of compatibility, you can introduchion define a structured data object directly. Working with Structures Task 3: Repository objects are always cross-client. Runtime Behavior and Data Transport: This query places the execution of all statements up workbnech the end of the current processing block under one condition.

The flight duration and departure time are displayed in a field that is ready for input and hence can be changed. They are frequently used to make lists independent of a specific language. The user does not need to know the precise flow of the ABAP program on the application server. If the keys are identical, the numeric values are added.