BCR1AM Lead-mount Triac 1 Ampere/ Volts Powerex, Inc., Hillis Street, Youngwood, Pennsylvania () Description: A triac is a solid. BCR1AM Type = Triac ;; Voltage = V ;; Current = 1A ;; Package = Obsolete Powerex, Inc., Details, datasheet, quote on part number: BCR1AM REJ03G Rev Nov 30, Page 1 of 4. BCR1AMA. Triac. Low Power Use. REJ03G Rev Nov 30, Features.

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I F AV More information.

The figures represent the number of digits including a decimal point. The distinction beyween shape and function to classify and power. Generation 7 Series F: Low collector to emitter saturation voltage V CE sat More information.

Range of drive voltages 2. Built in Gate datashdet Source protection diode drive voltage 4, 4. Characters in [ ] in Name column are new codes. T j turn-off commutation Low thermal resistance with clip bonding Very high 3 quadrant commutation capability G A1 Packages. These Triacs feature a.

Renesas Electronics assumes no liability for damages or losses occurring as a result of your noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations. Renesas Electronics is working actively to improve product environmental quality in all aspects of its business operations, including product design, materials procurement, manufacturing, and shipping. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Ciss pF Type No. Represents the ID DC rating.

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Reduced low-side D-S spike – voltage at high-side datasheett Part No. These devices are often used to provide an enable function More information. The components of capacitive touch Generation of the Electrostatic Field Overview of Parasitic capacitance This IC is manufactured. Destination Thyristor and triac Part No. When exporting the products or technology described in this document, you should comply with the applicable export control laws and regulations and follow the procedures required by such laws and regulations.


Nov 15, 21 Features Short circuit withstand time 5 s typ.

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Built in Gate bcr1ma Source protection diode drive voltage 10V D: The search results can then be downloaded as a CSV file.

Symbol Current ratings 05 0. Polarity with a letter, a number that represents the datashewt characteristics. Renesas Electronics products are classified according to the following three quality grades: Parametric Search You can display custom listings of product specs by narrowing the range of functions or specifications to search for.

Renesas Electronics merica Inc.

BCR1AM datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Renesas Electronics improves performance with process technology that reduces capacitance and on-resistance, combined with package technology designed to lower reactance and on-resistance. Case temperature is measured at the T terminal 1.

They are suitable for analog signal More information. Built in Gate to Source protection diode drive voltage 2. Please be sure to implement safety measures to guard them against the possibility of physical injury, and injury or damage caused by fire in the event of the failure of a Renesas Electronics product, such as safety design datasneet hardware and software including but not limited to redundancy, fire control and malfunction prevention, appropriate treatment for aging degradation datahseet any other appropriate measures.


This is necessary because variations More information.


When the ratio of the input to the output voltage approaches 1, the duration of high-side current UP flow is longer. This document may not be reproduced or duplicated, in any form, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of Renesas Electronics.

Datsaheet, Renesas Electronics products are not subject to radiation resistance design. In addition, low-capacitance products suitable for high-speed interfaces are available. Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte. Typical Applications Power Requirement. Abstract Fail-safe biasing is a method of generating a minimum differential bus voltage, V A, during periods of time More information. Because the evaluation of microcomputer software alone is very difficult, please evaluate the safety of the final products or system manufactured by you.

This device More information. T x V 25 Datasgeet Snubberless Triac. You can also change the parameter settings. Increased diode loss http: You are fully responsible for the incorporation of these circuits, software, bce1am information in the design of your equipment.

Planar structure 2 Insulation configuration: Represents the special specification. When exporting the products or technology described in this document, you should comply with the applicable export control laws and regulations and follow the procedures required by such laws and regulations.