Benjamin William “Ben” Bova (born November 8, ) is an American writer. He is the author Ben Bova. Ben Bova in . Orion and King Arthur. Tor Tom. Orion is a time travel science fiction novel by Ben Bova. The idea is so neat, that this easily could have been one of my all time favourites. I. Ingram The exciting beginning of Bova’s popular “Orion” saga, this is the story of John O’Ryan, a man who awakens one day to discover that he is the leader of a.

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Bova has drawn on these meetings and experiences to create fact and fiction writings rich with references to spaceflight, lasers, artificial hearts, nanotechnology, environmentalism, fencing and martial arts, orrion and artists. It has commentary about beh human beings are bloodthirsty and violent, and that is our natural state.

The couple divorced in Jan 27, Mark rated it liked it Shelves: A bald little man in a black coat popped out of the kitchen”s swinging door and tossed a black egg-shaped object the length of the restaurant.

I now plan to read the whole series.

He is an eternal warrior destined to combat the Dark Lord through all time for dominion of the Earth. Also in he provided consulting services to Silver Pictures on the film oron of Richard K. I got to my knees and saw that the young woman was unconscious.

My teacher, a mild, gray little man, absolutely refused to believe that I had never touched a keyboard before that day. It’s really one of Bova’s better works, and it still reads well, after all these years.


Her eyes were large, gray as a polar sea, and seemed to hold all the knowledge of the world. Here is a story in today’s Punjabi Tribune: Novelist, short-story authoressayist, journalist.

If Punjab were to become a superpower tomorrow, its intellectuals may look upon the Punjab of and label it “in dark ages. The story is basically that of Good versus Evil Anya and Ormazd debate Orion’s fate. Then–smoke, screams, the heat of flames, the acrid smell of the explosive.

They were gone by the time I had pulled myself up off the floor. Heinlein Award in for his work in science fiction. Orion Ben Bova Snippet view – Bova was an avid fencer in his younger days and organized Avco Everett’s fencing club.

Bova was the science advisor for the failed television series The Starlost, leaving in disgust after the airing of the first episode. It was there that he met Arthur R. Orion just wants to know why. Follow him, servant of a great race, as he battles his enemy down the halls of time, from the caves of our ancestors to the final confrontation under the hammer Preview — Orion by Ben Bova.

Ben Bova – Wikipedia

I’d be curious to see if it still holds up or not. Aug 22, Jeffrey Wienckowski rated it really liked it Recommends it for: It tells a story and is able to keep you entertained for many hours.

Ben Bova knows how to write gripping stories. You should read this, whether you’re a teenager or an old fuddy duddy like me. Then Anya defies Ormazd and everyone is surprized by the outcome. He appeared as the Guest of Honor at the Florida convention Necronomicon in and The main character basically has superpowers, but rarely uses them. This is a very interesting and thought provoking book.


A Novel Ben Bova Limited preview – Two months ago I found myself sitting in a restaurant in midtown Manhattan. He would later divorce Rosa in After leaving Analog, he went on to edit Omni during The main character Orion a Super Human created to kill Ahrimam who is trying to end time and to stop him Orion is flung from time period to time period like a glorified rag doll. I think that I had read this previously. Ahrimans origin comes as quite a surprise for Orion, but I had it guessed a thousand pages before well, maybe not that manywhich is quite a letdown in my opinion.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Bova’s reasoning is diamond solid. Feb 20, Tom Rowe rated it liked it.

My powers are growing. I didn’t like the part on the Mongol Empire.

Orion Among the Stars

There was an aura about him, a golden radiance. Aug 17, Chuck rated it really liked it.

I realize now that my reflexes must have suddenly gone into overdrive, operating at a fantastically fast rate. Inhe wrote the screenplay for an episode of the children’s science-fiction television series Land of the Losttitled “The Search”. Feb boga, Chetan Anand rated it liked it.