Francis Imbuga. Betrayal in the City. page comprehensive study guide; Features an extended summary and 5 sections of expert analysis. Written by a. BETRAYAL IN THE CITY BY FRANCIS IMBUGA THE AUTHOR – FRANCIS IMBUGA () Prof. Imbuga was born in in Vihiga county in Western . In Betrayal in the City, there is a lot of commotion created by the university BETRAYAL IN THE CITY BY FRANCIS IMBUGA (reposted).

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However, Doga is not pleased with such a gesture. Nina gets angry with him and threatens to strip naked, but he is not moved. Many people in Kafira are traitorous. From the beginning of the play, he depicts the government as insensitive to the fgancis of its own people.

Books by Francis Imbuga. They even let him write a play.

Askari pretends to be doing Jere a favour by putting him on rehabilitation after only two days and tells him that the government was giving his future some consideration even though he was contributing to the national headache.

Tumbo request Jusper to write the interested play for the visitors from outside. Theme is the central idea explored in the story.

The story unfolds as two Tanzanian officials, Tom and Chris, discuss about an approaching official mission to Sweden. This is because this has been tthe leading cause of unemployment. The author Francis Imbuga reveals this theme using the character as follows. Thus, Mulili gets his revenge against Kabito. They cannot understand why the likes of Jusper, Adika, and Moses talk too much and put themselves in unnecessary trouble.

He has been released from custody after his parents were murdered. Simile, refer to direct comparison of two different things by using some conjuctions. It has really helped me to understand this book,and am happy that you have come up with some themes which are the true picture of what is happening in our modern african states. While the entertainment committee meets Nicodemo tries to find out about what they will make out of it.


I did it for all of you people. Boss is pulling out grey hairs —an indicator that he may be the kind of leader who wants to rule for life. Kabito refers to him as an army- drop out and a second rate farmer. It is not given to those that qualified. Illustrate how women suffer the effects of gender inequality and franics in the African Traditional Society as depicted in the River and the Source.

One must have brains to use unscrupulous ways of getting money. Another incident of betrayal is when Kabito, a fellow member of the entertainment committee is vy to Boss by Mulili. Jusper Wendo Jusper Wendo is a philosophy student at the university.

Through the characters found in this novel, the author, S. He criticizes the government even when it is risk to do so.

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He boasts that their ombuga against expatriate personnel resulted to nothing but the death of a student and the imprisonment of a senior lecturer. He is also a traditionalist as she insist on performing the shaving ceremony of their dead son adika as he says ceremony must go on as planned.

Jusper takes the gun and kills Mulili. Tumbo is fearful of boss.


Mulili goes on to have Kabito killed after lying to Boss that Kabito had maligned his name. She is concerned about the whereabouts of Jusper when she finds that he is not guarding the grave. Doga, my heart fails i,buga. His works have consistently dealt with issues such as the clashes of modernity and tradition in the social francid of African communities.


How many I have seen and I am still Mulili with my two eyes, natural? The likes of Mulili should not be in government. Mulili uses his relationship with Boss to secure tenders and amass wealth. The betfayal appears to have been burnt and there’s a bowl of coins on it.

As a form of gratitude he offers him a pocket bible. This is the place or surrounding where something is positioned or where an event takes place, ih environment in which the literary work is done.

These suggestions give a picture of a nation that is desperate to fool the foreign head of state that its citizens are happy and content with the government.

In fact, I had a mind of writing the play myself, but I thought better of it……eat and let eat. When told that the release of six hundred prisoners will depend on his participation in the rhe to entertain the visiting head of state, it only makes him feel like he franciw betraying what he believes in. The writer has used proverbs to illustrate the wisdom of Doga and his ciyy nature. Mosese says that it was largely through his inefficiency that they achieved their objective. Actions or inaction by several characters on the play are motivated by fear.

This is a verse in the Bible. The song and the prayer summarize their total sense of loss and their deep religious devotion This is a serious case of intolerance and miscarriage of justice.

Mulili refers to Jere as chicken hearted pg 44 4. This was after Tumbo told him to keep the change of the money he had used to buy the drinks.