Blood Knot plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. Athol Fugard. Based on the Play/Book/Film. Category. Complete summary of Athol Fugard’s The Blood Knot. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Blood Knot. by athol fugard directed by charles randolph-wright american conservatory theater february 8–march 9, Blood Knot. AMERICAN CONSERVATORY.

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Sign In You’ll have to sign in before you share your experience. They share ffugard same mother but find their differences lead them to a common bond as br….

Blood Knot

Also surviving, it stars the Jamaican actor Charles Hyatt as Zach and Fugard himself again playing Morris; Fugard was pleased with the results:. Blood Knot Play Writer:.

Themes, motifs, images and the author’s own impassioned conscience are all there in organic form. Production Details Time Period: When a letter arrives, indicating that the girl will not be coming for a visit after all, Zachariah and his relieved brother begin a new role-playing game. When the play was first performed, in in Johannesburg, with Athol Fugard as Morris and Zakes Mokae as Atgol, the actors were kont. Mostly male cast Includes fugxrd characters.

Blood Knot is a play about two brothers, who live in a one-room shack in a crumbling section of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Morris has been saving the money that Zach earns, so that they can buy a two-man farm. Path Created with Sketch. Cast Size Cast Size 2m.

Midgley reduced the play to 90 minutes Less pleased, and committed to the system of apartheidthe South African government of B.


The Lost YearsTiverton: And the Rain Came to Mayfield. Zachariah must face the tragic truth that he can never have a future with her, that she can never love him, and that she would be horrified to see who he really is.

They start writing letters to a young woman named Ethel Lange.

Athol Fugard’s Blood Knot

Ethel sends a letter with her photo, revealing that she is a young white woman. When he puts on the clothes, he begins to adopt the white mannerisms and speech patterns that he had learned years earlier when trying to “pass” in white society.

His job is to keep black people from coming into the whites-only park. The more level-headed Morris tries to athkl Zachariah of such notions, and warns him that in segregated South Africa, such a relationship can only mean trouble, especially since the girl has indicated in letters that she has a brother who’s a policeman.

Fugard had to endure having his blkod raided, and having his phone tapped by South African authorities. The lonely Zachariah has struck up a pen-pal relationship with a white girl and entertains fantasies that she might fall in kbot with him.

This page is only accessible by StageAgent Pro members. Morris is fearful that someone will discover that they have written a letter to a white woman, and urges Zach to burn the lettter, but Zach is now excited by the fact that he can defy the oppressive reality of apartheid, and wants to continue writing letters to Ethel. Morris and Zachariah will, apparently, remain together for many unhappy years to come, needing each other, but unable to bridge the gap brought about by their respective skin tones.

This article is about the play by Athol Fugard. Athol Fugard Athol Fugard is an internationally acclaimed South African playwright whose best-known work deals with the political and social upheaval of the apartheid system in South Africa. Myself as Morrie, with Charles Hyatt as Zach. Zach dictates the letters, and Morris copies them. Its single-performance premier was in in JohannesburgSouth Africawith the playwright and Zakes Mokae playing the brothers Morris and Zachariah.


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Read More dancers Performer. A Piece of My Heart. This time, the game takes bizarre twists. They have shared the same one-room shack for about a year. Oregon Ballet Theatre is seeking professional classical dancers to fill positions at all levels By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The play was prepared for transmission on British television twice in the s. They are half-brothers, who have the same mother.

Both Morris and Zachariah have rich imaginations and have taken part in role-playing games together since they were small boys. Ethel says in her next letter that she is coming to visit Port Elizabeth, and that she wants to meet Zach. But Zachariah, because of his dark skin-color, has no choice. Morris, in fact, had been tempted to use his light skin-color to try to live his life as a white man, but had been unable to live with the guilt and uncertainty fugarc this had caused.

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