Boy Proof. by Cecil Castellucci. A girl who calls herself Egg, wears a homemade cloak to school everyday, and obsesses over sci-fi movies. Debut author Castellucci gives voice to a memorable teenage narrator, Victoria Jurgen, living in Hollywood. A senior at Melrose Prep, she has. “Boy Proof,” written by author, Cecil Castellucci, is a novel that tells the story of Victoria “Egg” Jurgen and her journey of self-discovery and acceptance. In the first.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Boy Proof by Cecil Castellucci. What happens when an antisocial cinephile meets up with the worldly new guy at school — a quick-witted artist who’s savvy enough to see through her sci-fi disguise? Her real name is Victoria Jurgen, but she’s renamed herself after the kick-ass heroine of her favorite sci-fi movie, Terminal Earth.

Like her namesake, Egg dresses all in white, colors her eyebrows, an What happens when an antisocial cinephile meets up with the worldly new guy at school — a quick-witted artist who’s savvy enough to see through her sci-fi disguise?

Like her namesake, Egg dresses all in white, colors her eyebrows, and shaves her head. She always knows the right answers, she’s always in control, and she’s far too busy — taking photos for the school paper, meeting with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Club, and hanging out at the creature shop with her dad, the special-effects makeup wizard — to be bothered with friends, much less members of the opposite sex.

As far as Egg is concerned, she’s boy proof, and she likes it that way. But then Egg meets a boy named Max, a boy who’s smart and funny and creative and cool Could this be the end of the world — at least as Egg knows it?

Paperbackpages. Published August 8th by Candlewick Press first published February 17th Victoria KitchenMax Carter. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Boy Proofplease sign up. This book is on a shelf of books with asexual characters but from the synopsis it sounds like she just isn’t interested in dating until the right boy comes along?

Are there any asexual characters in this book? No, there are no mentions of asexual characters in the book: See 1 question about Boy Proof…. Lists with This Book. Oct 05, Ariel rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m on a kick of rereading old favourites, the books from my teens that truly formed who I am now. I must have been 14 or 15 when I first read this, and nearly a decade later, I still really enjoyed it. It’s a quick read, the story of an outcast learning to open herself up to vulnerability, but I really think it’s valuable.

Especially for people who find themselves shielding behind fandom, this book grapples with how the things we love represent ourselves to ourselves and to others. I also found I’m on a kick of rereading old favourites, the books from my teens that truly formed who I am now. I also found it fascinating, reading this 12 years after publication, that the things that worry this young character are still the things that worry us now.


I’ll be reading this one for the rest of my life, I think. One of my favourite books of all time.


This is probably the 3rd or 4th time I’ve read it, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time I read it. May 11, Asenath rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here.

Looking back, I ask myself why I even bothered to actually read this book all the way through. I must have grown weak in my semester long absence from young adult fiction to think that I actually had to finish a novel that I started.

And alas, I did not remember the joy of skimming until I was almost done with this book! Woe, is me, for all my precious time wasted. She shaved her head, waxed off her Looking back, I ask myself cadtellucci I even bothered to actually read this ceckl all the way through.

She is so strange, in fact, that she is boy proof.

That is, until newcomer Max moves in on page 4. It is obvious from this point on that Egg is not, in fact, boy proof; she is just another whiny, complaining, annoying person that likes to make her life more difficult then it needs to be.

Her mother is a movie star, and her father is a special make up artist they live in Hollywood. They are divorced, and Egg hates her mother because, well, she can. In fact, she hates everyone because she can.

And yet, for some strange reason, people still try to be nice to her until the climax, where she pisses them off enough to make them stop. This novel was predictable. The climax was, well, ceciil, and the resolution was far too unrealistic.

Too quick and easy. Egg just comes to her senses and realizes that she needs to stop being angry at the world. And once she decides to become a normal contributor to society, Max decides that he does like her after all.

What a great message! However, I did enjoy one quote from the book. Mar 02, Sally Kruger added it. It has been on my classroom shelf for some time, but for some reason I’ve never read castellcuci. Thanks for the suggestion, John. With a mother who is an actress and a father who is a respected makeup and special effects artist, one would think cecill Victoria’s life would include one amazing event after another. The reality is Victoria, oroof prefers to be called Bot, goes out of her way to be a loner.

Believing herself less attractive than her beautiful mother and not as interesting as her talented father, she works hard to avoid friendships and as her mother calls it, makes herself “boy proof. Her goal is to be valedictorian and have the choice of the best colleges, but trigonometry is killing her butt. Although, she proif acquaintances in life, Egg avoids close friendships as a rule.

Cecil Castellucci – Wikipedia

That is the case until she meets Max. The two have a lot in common and sharing their thoughts about those common interests has Egg becoming strangely attracted to Max.

The resulting confusion has her rethinking most of her life choices. Author Cecil Castellucci takes readers on a wonderful journey through Egg’s transformation. Anyone feeling lonely or left out will be inspired by Egg’s courage as she confronts her preconceived notions about how she fits into the world around her.


Feb ceci, Max Baker rated it it was ok Shelves: Unlikable narrators are tricky. A character doesn’t have to be likable in order to be invested in their story. They can be the most selfish, egotistical, materialistic, asshole you’ve ever read about and you can still love their book.

Of course, that also means you can fuck up your unlikable narrator beyond belief as well. Guess which category this book falls into? Yeah, the second one. Victoria, also known as Egg, was a huge problem with this book.

Everything about her was snobby, egotis Unlikable narrators are tricky. Everything about her was snobby, egotistical and all around unpleasant. She thought she was better then everyone she came in contact with and thus felt the need to isolate prooff from the people who wanted to be her friend.

Which is weird, because I don’t understand how anyone could like this girl. Every other line was how she was better then everyone else or how everyone else was beneath her. She also cosplays as her favorite sci-fi movie character, Egg. From what I gather, the character is suppose to be like Trinity from the Matrix trilogy, but a lot more badass.

Of course, we’re never given any explanation of who this Egg chick is in her movie nor are we given an explanation of why Victoria likes this specific character so much. She didn’t seem to identify with her in any way, she just liked how badass she was. I could forgive Victoria’s characterization if the rest of the book was any good, but it wasn’t. There wasn’t any background or information given to us. We’re thrown into Vitoria’s world and never given explanation of why she’s such a bitch or why she choose to isolate herself.

There were times when I seriously wanted to DNF this book because of the main charcter, but I held on in a vain hope it would get better. Everything in this book felt rushed.

Boy Proof by Cecil Castellucci

Victoria’s sudden change came out of nowhere, her decision to start being nice to her mother, who wan’t all that bad in the first place, was spontaneous, and her interst in reverse-isolating herself was out of the blue. This book was a struggle to get through, but once it got to the last 50 pages or so, Victoria become somewhat redeemable and I guess you could say she developed into something more.

It was a complete change, but you could see she was trying. But, again, I didn’t understand the reason for Victoria’s development or for this book at all. Jul 24, Rose rated it liked it Shelves: I read “Boy Proof” in one afternoon and for a quick read, this was actually a rather well-told tale, even if the protagonist isn’t necessarily the kind of character you would align with at the very beginning.