Celicne konstrukcije u gradjevinarstvu [Budjevac; Stipanic; Zaric] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. : Metalne konstrukcije: osnove proracuna i konstruisanja ( ) by Dragana; Budjevac, Dragan; Markovic, Zlatko; Tosic, Dragoslav. Metalne konstrukcije: osnove proračuna i konstruisanja. Front Cover. Dragan Buđevac. Građevinska knjiga, – pages.

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He became an MSc in He was awarded the prize from the Chamber of Commerce of City of Belgrade for both MSc work and doctoral theses, both in the field of steel structures.

Konstruicije present, he teaches Steel Structures and Steel Bridges to the undergraduate and graduate studies. He was the mentor in preparation of more than final examination works, 5 MSc works and 2 doctoral theses. He was the investment project manager in “Zepter International” and “Pink International” companies.

His important role was at the “IMS” Institute in Belgrade where he had a konstruukcije as the advanced scientific advisor. He is a member of the governing board of the “Red Star” rowing club, president of the Commission for investments of the “Red Star” football club and the honorary president of the Society for preservation and protection of the cultural tradition “Rad” Novi Beograd. Dragan Budjevac is mrtalne member of the following scientific and expert organizations: He also played an important role as the President of the Committee of Serbian Standardization Institution, which covers the field of steel and aluminum load-bearing structures.


He was a board member of the Yugoslav Association of Structural Engineers. He had an important part in the field of steel structures at the Approval Commission for Civil. Engineering Projects, Republic of Serbia; his budjsvac consisted of expert control of design documents of construction and buildings which are significant for the Republic. He was awarded a charter as a significant member of the Yugoslav Association of Structural Engineers.

Professor Budjevac is the author and co-author of 30 books and monographies in the field of steel structures and steel bridges; he published over professional papers, which he presented through the different congresses and symposia, domestic magazines and international journals.

He took part and led a number of strategic, scientific, research and technological projects, within the framework of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Ubdjevac. Several areas could be identified, from his vast sphere of interest, to which Mr.

Dragan Budjevac

Budjevac has dedicated his expert publications: Many publications deal with the experience in design and building process of significant structures from engineering point of view, as well as with the rehabilitation and reconstruction. Two years later, konstfukcije The same year He was elected the Manager of the year Beside lecturing and scientific activities, Dragan Budjevac is very active as a designer and he plays an important role as the consultant and reviewer of different structures, as well as reconstruction and rehabilitation of more than structures: The following list contains some of the most important ones: Business-sport center in Tuzla – Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Budjevac has participated in a few open competitions for the best design solutions of different structures, where he won the 4 first prizes: He also won one second prize for the highway bridge over Nisava river in Nis, one third prize for reconstruction of the airport building “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade and two purchases of the designs for kohstrukcije bridge in Montenegro, over Boka Kotorska Bay and Kalenic Market in Belgrade.


He was the expert supervisor for 50 objects and he was design and project manager for more then structures.