In Part II, the symptoms and the process of diagnosis of bursitis of the hamular process is presented. Additionally, recommended treatment options will be. tini muscle was demonstrated and described histologically. ln Part Il, the symptoms and the process of diagnosis of bursitis of the hamular process is presentee!. Pain originating from the throat may emanate from many different structures. The stylohyoid and stylomandibular ligaments are known as.

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Shankland 8 discussed three cases of the hamular bursitis treated with injection of synthetic cortisone. Sometimes, the patient has a clinical presentation similar to glossopharyngeal neuralgia, which makes swallowing solid food impossible 9. In summary, a rare case of pterygoid hamulus bursitis was reported in this paper. When hxmular occurs, however, movement relying on the inflamed bursae becomes painful, aggravating its inflammation and perpetuating the problem.

Functional morphology of the pterygoid hamulus. Find articles by Dong-Whan Shin.

Pterygoid Hamular Bursitis: A Possible Link to Craniofacial Pain

Parotid gland carcinoma simulating signs and symptoms of craniomandibular disorders–a case report. The morphometry and three-dimensional structure gursitis the adult eustachian tube: Diagnosis, treatment and report of three cases studies. Examination of the development and biomechanics of the hamular process of the sphenoid bone in humans [Masters Thesis].

Although bursitis of the pterygoid hamulus is an uncommon disease, consideration of the pterygoid hamulus as a pain-inducing factor should be included in the differential diagnosis.

Bursitis hamular, Sintomatología ótica y craneofacial referida

Datal, Headache and Facial Pain. Br Dent J Aug 17; 4: A report of 68 patients. Following a failure of conservative remedies in the past, a bugsitis elongated hamular process Epidemilogic of chronic facial pain: The relationship between craniomandibular disorders and otitis media in children.

Anatomical observation of a craniomandibular muscle originating from bursktis skull base: During the post-operative period 8 monthsthe patient suffered no palatal symptoms. The sphenoid has a central body, paired greater and lesser wings spreading laterally from it, and two pterygoid processes descending from the junctions of the body and the greater wings.


The pterygoid plates uamular laterally and medially from the inferior surface of the side of the body and from the root of the greater wings and pass vertically downwards.

Hamular Process Bursitis

In Junehowever, the pain recurred again, so she was hamjlar to our department. It comprises a highly extensive spectrum of pain disorders because of their unique anatomic, physiologic, and biochemical components.

This case illuminates the implications of a quiescent pterygoid hamulus that can perplex the clinician by causing craniofacial pain. Arrow indicates area of tenderness on palpation. This is in contrast to the length of The overlying palatal mucosa was normal. Rheumatologic brsitis Myofascial Pain. Her oral examination was nonremarkable on the affected left side with deep dentinal caries with respect to 18 Figure 2 and pulp stones with respect to 16 on the right side Figure 3.

Obtain radiographs of the hamulus and pterygomaxillary region to determine if the hamulus is fractured, if an osteophyte is present on the hamular process, or for any other abnormal findings. Originating from the body and greater wing of the sphenoid, the medial pterygoid plate descends in an inferior and slightly lateral direction.

It means that such condition has no potential to be neuropathic disease but is just an inflammatory disease. Morphology of the tensor veli palatiny, tensor timpani and dilatator tubae muscles.

Pterygoid hamulus bursitis as a cause of craniofacial pain: a case report

Pterygoid hamulus bursitis is one such rare entity showing a constellation of symptoms in the orofacial region. Even though there have been many attempts to explain the mechanism of pain generated from the hamular area, the precise etiology is not known. Treatment of pterygoid hamulus bursitis per se remains ambiguous with no clear-cut consensus so far.

The pterygoid hamulus is a variable anatomical structure with its subdivisions: Postoperative computed tomography scans showing removed left petrygoid hamulus arrow. Nonetheless, this is a rare disease, and only several cases have been reported.

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Pterygoid hamulus bursitis is a rare disease showing various symptoms in the palatal and bbursitis regions.

Until recently, throat pain was generally felt to be caused by styloid syndromes. Using a Simple Tension Suppression Device. Bursitis of the tensor veli palatini muscle with an osteophyte on the pterygoid hamulus. Under normal conditions, the normal function of the eustachian tube is to balance the pressure of the middle ear with burwitis of the environment.

One should base the diagnosis on the reported history, physical examination, and the success of an anesthetic infiltration into the bursitid region.

It has been reported that pain in the palate and pharynx can be caused by elongated styloid processes 1glossopharyngeal neuralgia 2salivary gland tumors 3myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome 4temporomandibular disorders, otitis media 5and impacted third molars.

Do the tensor tympani and tensor veli palatini muscles of man form a functional unit?

Hjorting-Hansen E and Lous I. Managment of temporomandibular disorders and occlusion. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. The hamular process is visible on cephalometric radiographs. Therefore, bursitks of patients who complain of discomfort in these areas may be difficult and complicated. The pterygoid hamulus syndrome. She suffered a relapse of the symptoms after stopping the intake of drugs, however.

It would be worthwhile to diligently listen to our patients while they narrate their history as this can distill a plethora of maladies involving the orofacial apparatus and adopt a dual axis approach. Subscribe or renew to PPM. Following the incision of the overlying mucosa, surgical exposure of the pterygoid hamulus was performed using dissecting scissors.