B&W’s flagship CM9 is the pick of an impressive new range. Back to the days when Bowers and Wilkins simply called itself B&W, the but now there are four stereo pairs, of which this £1, per pair CM9 is the largest. B&W CM9 Speakers (Pair) from Superfi. Good looking and great Bowers and Wilkins’ CM9 speakers are stylish high performance free standing speakers.

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Additional Product Features Speaker Type. You wouldn’t expect a modern Bowers and Wilkins to be far from tonally neutral and the CM9 doesn’t disappoint. It has the most extended bass and given a suitable amplifier, will play the loudest. The second test piece, Hotel California live, I saw very good results on the drums and the singer’s voice, however, probably due to the Naim, perfectly at ease in these records.

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What Hi-Fi?

The full-range CM9 speakers have a number of common features. Our Verdict Refined floorstander hits almost all the right spots on the button. The designers have opted for a narrow enclosure, achieved by using two small diameter bass units in parallel instead of a single larger one. To ensure stability, the speakers come with some plain rectangular plinths, which usefully extend their footprint. Here is to hoping that shag carpet comes back in style and things will start to sound right in this room.

The quality of CM Series drive units has made it possible to use minimalist crossovers throughout the whole range. Measurements This listening position response is not real indicative of anything other than a falling response that looks suspiciously like the Harman recommended room response but on steroids.


The bass was also surprisingly extended. Sennheiser HD Headphones Review.

The speaker no longer sounded too polite and forgiving. Despite the lack of advance notice. But it was not very far either. Still, I was less than satisfied in a couple of respects. For Tall, elegant, expressive midband and expansive Well-controlled bass Power handling is good Cm is high enough for almost any respectable amplifier.

This is a first-rate newcomer, easier and more relaxing than some previous Bowers and Wilkins, with a more expansive sound and a better-integrated treble. This is palpably a very accurate loudspeaker with a full, but well contained bass and a treble quality that has come some way from the occasionally thin, edgy quality of some earlier generations of metal dome tweeters.

The Kevlar FST midrange unit plays a part here by boosting energy in the middle and upper midband, the region just below where the tweeter takes over.

User reviews: B&W CM9 – Audiofanzine

If I come to talk about finishing, I can say it is very spectacular. Small and cheap speakers transform into retarded and good See details g&w description of any imperfections. The result is a loudspeaker that is obviously smooth b& in control, but is also capable of delivering real surprises when the occasion demands, one of which was playing a CD of wind music, a new Naxos title called Passaggiwhich is scheduled for review in choice cuts next month.


Over all a very strange response that I’m almost certain would sound goofy if I could have heard it in a good room. Of course, this is provided that the added pieces subwoofer, center channel, and surrounds handle their jobs without mucking up the total sound.

Against Some slight bloom in the mid-bass b& every speaker needs plenty of room to function best. For Outstanding scale excellent integration brilliant detail retrieval and refinement cm99, build and finish.

Nevertheless, the CM9s sounded considerably more alive and real than before. I have not experienced the high levels. In contrast to the CDM range that preceded the CMs, the tweeters are fully enclosed and dm9 enclosures are rectangular boxes, which means they look somewhat simpler and cost less to make.

Dropping 5db per decade 10 octaves is a little bit much, especially for someone who listens to a pretty ccm9 response. The Tree Of Life.

Random Dude’s B&W CM9 / Emotiva Rig

Yamaha RX V 5. A single larger bass ccm9 would have had the opposite effect, namely narrower imagery and a more restricted listening area. It’s not that the company’s speakers were particularly edgy, but there was something about their tweeters and the slightly antiseptic way the treble was framed as a whole, that somehow underlined the high frequency output.

Has a small chip on one angle.