Это должно работать для вас (используя Ghostscript. Processor; namespace Add(“-sOutputFile=%printer%” + printerName); switches. how to print the pdf file? using c# and any free tool(*.dll) is there to develop. Finally i solve my problem using 1. This article aims at using C# and Ghostscript to convert various other documents into PDF. As the Ghost PDF printer is a postscript printer, it will create the printable format of the file as . so that i can add the dll for GhostsScript in my project.

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Hoping to hearing from your side soon. Am I missing out something? The default verb for printing any document is “print. IIS 6 starts the default application pool as user “network-service”, but this user hasn’t otften the rights to do what you want. In this article, I will show you the ghostsceipt of my search to find a way to print a pdf with.

Ghostscript.NET.dll распечатать pdf на указанный принтер

Hi, is it possible to convert HTML documents to pdf using this app. I was also wondering if you knew the code to assign page orientation to landcape when we define the printer process. I think that you are the right person to whom i can discuss. Size of the spool file in bytes: Thanks Bhuban, using IE does bring up the print dialog box which may beimpossible to get around.


Open the file with the default application and print it, the printer being the installed Ghostscript printer. Let us create a small Windows application in C to make this whole process a reality. Then we create a new Process, with the following StartInfo:. Executing it via cmd is the easiest way to do it, as we can send the arguments as is.

A way to know the error is to show the gswin32c window. About printing to a specific port, the “printto” command actually takes 4 arguments: But for this, you will have to use ps2pdf that is available in the lib directory of ghostscript. The above is a replacement to backslash.

In figure 9 of this article, you will see a form with 2 buttons. Is there any way to hide this popup?

Printing PDF using Ghostscript in C# – CodeProject

Whenever we launch a document, the associated application is invoked by the Operating System as a new Process. Can the script used to convert. Please can you also advise if I can somehow manually export to the PDF and check the ghostxcript Hello, Thanks for replying to my last query.

Diagnostics Check this link for details.

Once within the sub key, the path returned is the root path or dll. Run the process Creates controls the creation of the process to send the PDF to the printer.

Here, we are creating a process and opening the Windows command window. What we are actually doing here is that we are creating a Virtual Printer that prints to a. Hoping to hear from your side soon.


c# – print pdf to specified printer – Stack Overflow

Total number of pages in the document: Now these problems are more related to Windows and its browsers. What should i write on the click event of both button.

So, we have used the WaitForExit method to wait until the process completes. WriteLine ” ” Try and re-join the Tracking thread ” ; trackingThread. Then, we are requesting the process to execute the print operation on the file.

To create PDF file we can use itextsharp.

If the ps file is not created, i think that there is no “gswin32c. Now i am merging pdf files from directory and want to create one pdf hgostscript. I saw the response to a question earlier on but having the gswin32c. We are converting a. Dude, excellent article, really of gr8 help.

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The outputPath is actually provided through the function as a parameter, and so should be appended. Add “-empty” ; switches. Could you explain the logic of why the need to utilize streams when executing the command as opposed to just executing it via console?