Description Change this. A masterpiece of rationalist architect Giuseppe Terragni , the Casa del Fascio (presently also known as Palazzo. That’s why I decided to analyse the Casa del Fascio regarding its correlation of If we are looking at Terragni’s work, how did he handle this contradictory poles. Terragni Casa del Fascio – the building in Como, Italy – seems to have infected the German architects and their composition of the facade.

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Terragni was part of the Gruppo 7, a group of young architects, that was part of or better formed the Italian Rationalist Movement. One main objective of the design process was to integrate a certain kind of tradition to ground the project on solid roots in Italian tradition as the Fascist claimed to bring the best of the Italian culture altogether. Terragnu more – it was exactly this enthusiasm that guaranteed him freedom from the commission to design decisions culminating in realisation.

The staircase and the porch perimeter in the Greek or front for Roman were two characteristic features of classical temples.

It is far more than just proportion and harmony that makes this project unique. Conceptualized as a classical palazzo centered on a glass atrium, it was frescoed with abstract paintings since destroyed by the artist Mario Radice and the original project boasted an innovative changing facade illumination.

It shows just one more time to which extent he could push the responsible authorities in the ministry in Rome. The principal front is a large, full, vertical rectangle.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Casa del Fascio Como. The great moral significance is thus linked to the typically functional concepts which must preside in the construction of the Casa del Fascio. How was he influenced by Fascism and the totalitarian regime he worked for — and is this influence visible in his built architecture?

It has been the headquarters of the local offices of the Guardia di Finanza Italian Tax Police since This demonstrates that fasdio proposed Terragni is edl modern building without a doubt, but that in turn can not forget the tradition of the country.

The building is a perfectly regular, square-based prism whose height is half the base length, which measures The Rationalists were aiming to bring the Ideas of Modernism to Italy.


Single Edit Column Edit. But What happens however when this is the totalitarian regime in the cradle of classical architecture? Como is truly a city to discover, here you can find a mix of history, art and culture, from the Roman era to the twentieth century. On the first floor, the most important offices were placed: He wanted to create a very new type of space integrating layers of meaning in many ways. Basic italian dictionary for travelers. Therefore the eighteen glass doors next to each could be opened to create a big public space connecting the inner courtyard of the building with the plaza outside.

Fascist party headquarters designed by Terragni is at the heart of the historic town of Como, about fifty miles north of Milan. This very basic idea of the building was not only meant to visualise the spiritual values of the party for a new era of civilisation — it was as well the attempt of Terragni to create a spatial metaphor of identity and collective life. The entrance opens on the central hall, a sort of covered courtyard overlooked by the Directory room, the offices and the landings.

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The project has a lot casaa different layers, formal as well as conceptual, and there are for sure not all mentioned here. On one hand, they often contained the only theatre, cinema or library in town with casw including the latest information.

Once saved, we are on a porch above the entrance. He had the even freedom to reject archetypical formal features like the arengario without them interfering. The grid is slightly manipulated, to the extent that neither its dimensions nor its proportions are numerically regular.

The expression is closely connected with the political background of the building.

Casa del Fascio – Palazzo Terragni – Picture of Ex Casa del Fascio, Como

The Casa del Fascio in Como was built between andquite a while after the rise to power of the PNF in The realised project is a four-storey, VIP wedding on the lake Como. Sincethe building has housed the provincial headquarters of the Ferragni di Finanza police force. Historians and architectural critics ignored the fact of the political influence persistently [Ghirardo, ] — may it be related to the strong will to forget this period of fascism and war in Europe or simply a lack of interest — yet it constitutes and important aspect of the building and should be taken into account to understand the building in its total I think.


Como, Italy by Giuseppe Terragni Change this. Around Terragni and the decision to build a house for the Fascist Party headquarters still today theorize many thoughts: Light floods in divided in separate beams, which become larger where the rooms so require. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The structure is of reinforced concrete as a whole. The so-called Case served as headquarters of the political party PNF all over Italy, placing Fascist authority in every village.

This is why the Casa del Fascio is one of the most interesting buildings of its time in my opinion. Giuseppe Terragni and the Fascist period: You can teragni out more or switch them off if you prefer. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Email Format html text. The entrance that is located on the southern side of the building is leading into the forecourt and following into the main entrance hall, which is two storeys high and made of a concrete structure filled with glass tiles. Single Blog Title This is a single blog caption.

From Bollywood to Como: Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. Even if over the years there were several attempts to discuss the interrelation away, there is no doubt that some architects, like Terragni, were ardent Fascists.

Terragni main materials used were few, but all selected with a symbolic purpose as well as troubleshoot, of course, the practical aspects of daily use of the building. Casa del Fascio today. According to Terragni, the main representative facade should have had a documentary and educational function, illustrating a series of scenes of Fascist life beneath the portrait of the Duce. Como, as you know, is about 15 minutes by car from the Hotel Posta that is located in Moltrasio.