CDCB ETC datasheet pdf data sheet FREE Datasheets (data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic), semiconductors and other electronic components. The schematic as listed is shown above. The CD is responsible for FM reception, with the only datasheet I could find being in Chinese. Data Sheet INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER IOR. T 10TQ SERIES. 10 Amp Schottky Rectifiers. Major Ratings and Characteristics.

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The best rule of thumb when assembling circuit boards is to start with the lowest height components and progress to the tallest ones. Samples of the audio as recorded by my Zoom H1 recorder are here.

Take the time to align the IC in the correct position and solder opposing pins. Do the soldering with the antenna on the benchso not to melt the casing, and ensure adequate heat. A capacitor is hence a 10 pF capacitor, or 0.

Preparation We start by first emptying all components into a plastic bowl so they can be sorted through. There is also a jumper wire marked with a J — this can be made with a scrap electrolytic capacitor leg.

CDCB Datasheet PDF ( Pinout ) – Monolithic Power FM radio tuning circuit

Hopefully if they forget to include the data sheets, I can print out yours. Then solder each successive pin taking care not to short out adjacent pins. Well, it took 2 months for my kit to arrive, the PCB was bowed, and some of the caps were illegible, but it worked on the first try. Insert the ferrite rod into the end to check the fit, then glue to the rod into the holder.


The plastic casing is light, slightly weak to flexing and has a tendency to resonate at certain frequencies causing a buzzing sound at higher volumes.

The AM reception is being achieved with the CD This really is a kit that looks almost store bought! Ordering two ensures that you have some spares in case things do go wrong … This post will be a little review of the kit, along with tips and hints especially for English speaking constructors. Assembling the AM antenna takes a little bit of work as well. Desoldering braid optional to fix mistakes. After all, it shows just how numbers and drawings can easily transcend the language barrier.

Hi, I have had made it 3 times, and the last was today. January 17, at 5: It also gives you the best access when soldering SMT parts.

Some of the hardware has a habit of shifting in place during soldering. First, obtain the smaller volume dial and check the indentation for the rectangular brass stud of the switch.

CD , Tube CD; Röhre CD ID, IC – Integrated

Align the switch and use one of the two identical machine screws to fasten. Otherwise, the IC may not be soldered in the right orientation, or the switch may have been cr9088cb. I found the top of the FM band hard to reach, but not impossible with a combination of spreading the coils and adjusting the offset trim on the variable capacitor itself.

As an experienced fatasheet builder, I wasted no time in getting started. Lead the yellow wire to the ANT terminal and tack solder.


CD9088CB Datasheet

Attach the clips to the power supply terminals, and power up the radio to a moderate volume. Cd9088cg FM antenna also needs to have a wire connected to it. I made do with my Weller iron but it was a challenge. Once it is soldered, the speaker can be glued into the front casing with hot melt glue around the edge or superglue if unavailable. You might get static, or nothing. Luckily for everyone, the board also has very good silkscreening to judge by the listing.

Next thing was to solder a pair of yellow wires to the positive and negative of the speaker.

Start alignment with the FM band. As mentioned, the instructions were all in Chinese.

After the fact I saw a Russian youtube vid showing the SM chip being slickly soldered with two swipes of a soldering iron datashert he applied some flux from a pen dispenser. Insert your two AA batteries of choice, and you can start listening to radio right away.

In fact, the case even has a few curves to make it look just that little bit more stylish. Get good reception aroun Mhz with correct pointer position. Maybe one radio station at the most. My board looks like this — ready for the population of resistors. In my case, I ended up substituting a salvaged from another piece of broken equipment … but this is why having two kits with the intention of making just one might be useful.