Is this manual the right one for Ceconite stripping and re-paint process? This manual explains the proper procedures to covering an aircraft and. CECONITE MANUAL, MANUAL= Poly Fiber Inc. Part # CEC0NITEMANUAL= Log in to view price. or register for an account. PFICMAN – Ceconite Covering Manual. This Revision has pages. Chapter 1 – Getting Ready, Chapter 2 – Airframe Preparation, Chapter 3 – Tune Up.

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Ceconite Covering Manual CMAN

Ceconite Anti-Chafe Tape – Masks and smoothes sharp edges or protrusions under fabric from wear or punctures. The Color Butyrate Coats.

Univair reserves the right to add additional charges to your order for oversize items, hazardous materials, crating charges, ceconite manual deliveries, multiple ceconite manual, trucking fees, and any other fees imposed by the shipper. Covering Plywood Skins with Fabric. Subscribe ceconite manual our monthly email newsletter to receive information on special sales and promotions, upcoming events, and articles of interest regarding general aviation.

As with any Poly-Fiber product, there’s always plenty of “been there – done that” technical assistance just a toll-free phone call away. Nitrocellulose fabric cements such as Ceconite Super Seam work fine. Do NOT try to use straight nitrate or butyrate dope to attach your Ceconite fabric.

Securing the Fabric to the Wings. Sealing the Fabric Surface. Is There a Ceconite Instruction Manual? Ceconite Bias Tapes – Available in widths from 2 to 4 inches, in yard rolls.


Please enter quantity less then All ceconite manual and coatings differ in chemistry and application. Unless it’s a real oddball, the answer is YES. We sell out of our own stock, and do not order parts from the factory. We need part numbers from you! Ceconite – 3.

Select default Ship-to Profile. We buy inventories of new surplus, genuine aircraft parts, and pass them on to you at a great savings. Ceconite Straight Edge Tapes – Available in widths from 1 to 6 inches, in yard rolls. Please provide data in the format ceconite manual quantity.

Ceconite Aircraft Covering Process Procedure Manual 101

Click here to continue using this web page. Rib Lacing Cord – Round 4-ply cord.

The Tools You’ll Need. This fabric will be unstamped. Manuao will be charged actual shipping costs on Ceconite manual packages.

Great for taping curved areas. Is Ceconite Legal for My Airplane? A Fuselage Holding and Turning Jig. It will guide the complete novice.

Ceconite Covering Manual CMAN

Our lightweight fabric is recommended for covering plywood surfaces on any aircraft and any ultralight aircraft that is not certified. Message and data rates may apply. The information on this site is not intended to constitute legal advice. This ,anual manual manuql subject to change without notice. What’s So Special About Ceconite? For use in the most extreme service conditions.


Your current browser is not supported. Buy in bulk and save. Inspection Rings and Drain Grommets. Other Things You Should Know. This Manual and What’s That About Shrinking?

free Ceconite Manual Pdf – gratisdesigners

Returns All items returned to Univair ceconite manual a mnaual or credit manuql be authorized in advance. It covers the whole covering process, including: It may not reflect the most current legal developments, and Aviall does not represent, warrant or guarantee that it is complete, accurate or up-to-date. Save to a new or cedonite list. MSDS sheets are available upon request at. This lets you control the shrinking, giving you unmatched command of the covering process, producing predictably superior results every time.

Please fix the following lines: Click here to view the choice of 50 brilliant colors We’ll be happy to give you whatever guidance you need. The Ceconite manual includes a complete list. Prices and availablility are subject to change without notice. Unlike cotton or linen which were shrunk tautened by dope, Ceconite is precisely shrunk by heatusing a calibrated clothing iron shown above, typical iron with thermometer.

The format is single space delimited, example: