Namakam Chamakam Sri Rudram. Namakam – Yajur Veda Chapter Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya. Namaste Rudramanyavautota Ishhave. Sri Rudram Namakam Chamakam Sri Rudram Namakam Chamakam Lyrics in 9 Indian languages. Sri Rudram Laghunyasam Sri Rudram Namakam. Rudram Śrī Rudram Anuvāka 1 – Devanāgarī, transliteration and translation text. Also includes a text with phonetic changes of anusvāra and visarga.

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The Rudram Chamakam Background This work is a culmination of my last six months or so of my effort.

As usual I am not sure on how I landed into Rudra or Chamakam. I could not rest a second without working on it and felt completely restless till I completed it. It also kindled further, my interest in Vedas, to learn and explore more.

It could be simply me ego. I learnt a lot of new meanings and developed further understanding of the Vedas. I became much more convinced than ever before that Vedas were more of revelations of science than spirituality. In interpreting the meanings of the words, I have kept myself in tune with Rudram Mantras written by R.

Kashyap and understandings given by Sri Aurobindo. But I had mapped them to scientific domain and explained the same from a scientific perspective. I have also taken care to check and verify the meanings of words across several scriptures and their contexts.

Asuras are powerful forces that emerged in the pre-stellar evolution and mostly sub-atomic particles. Chzmakam even before the Stellar Evolution happened, there was a stage of Pre-Stellar evolution in which sub-atomic particles were formed from Amba which I currently map to Quark-Gluon Plasma.

As science progreses this mapping of Amba to QGP could change. These mappings have been arrived at after a lot of study of various vedic texts.

This force is behind the Quarks, Leptons and Bosons. It is probably the Lyricw that is vibrated by the force of Rudra and it appears as Quarks, Leptons, Bosons and various other particles.

Vishnu means active worker or one chamwkam actively separates or dis-joins. Vishnu is called so as Vishnu separates from plasmic Amba into strings probably that combine and recombine to form sub-atomic particle forces, which in turn form particles and matter. Rudra is the eleven dimensional force or Space that originates from the Dyauh or heavenly region.

I have lryics about Rudra in my blogs on Rudra. They are in the reference sections. This Atma, which existed inside the Amba cannot be fully understood according to the Vedas. Purusha is chsmakam dark matter formed from the same thing as Amba and is formed lydics Guide the evolution of Amba. Purusha is often claimed as a Male, as Purusha influences Amba without undergoing any changes of its own.

I map Indra to a Baryonic ion. TvaSta is also an asura. If Indra is a Baryonic ion, then its thunderbolt is neutrinos which can pierce anything, travels at speed of light, with near zero mass.

Chamakam English Translation

Mitra is an Asura in the sense that it is a sub-atomic particle. I map Mitras to Photons. Mitra and Varuna are said to increase the growth in Earth. Varuna is also an Asura in the sense that it is a sub-atomic particle. Varuna is primarily electrons lepton.


Varuna is supposed to guard the earth. Electrons in the Van Allen radiation belt guard the earth. Varuna is supposed to cause rains. Electrons have a lyrjcs role in causing rains. Aryaman is also an asura in the sense that it is a sub-atomic particle. It is a lepton, which I map as Tauon.

Lyricw also map it to DhAtr. DhaAtr means a bearer or one that supports. BhAga is also an asura in the sense that it is a sub-atomic particle. It is a lepton, which I map as Muons. BhAga means dispenser of wealth. Muons distribute matter and are generated when protons cosmic rays impinge on molecules in space.

The Rudram Chamakam – An original explanation | Sulekha Creative

I have mapped Ashvinis to Mesons, as the hailing of mesons in Chamakam tend to describe them as combination of Amshu and Upa-Amshu similar to Quark and Anti-Quark combination of mesons.

Amshu means a particle or the point at the end of ray of light. The seventh Anuvaka of Chamakam which I map to Mesons attaches a huge importance to these forces, much more than what science gives to mesons currently. From this it appears that Mesons are next to Vishnu in their importance in the evolution of Universe.

Hence I expect mesons will gain larger understanding and predominance in science in future. The region of the Atma, Amba is called the Dyauh. The region of Dyau comprises the Atma and Amba and is characterized by discharges of energy lightning due to creation of newer matter.

Due to this energy transactions, this region of Amba is highly illuminated and is called Dyauh, which means lightened up.

LYRICS 4 STOTRAS SLOKAS: Namakam Chamakam Sri Rudram

The Yajna chamzkam in Vedas is nothing but the evolution of matter in most cases where I could understand. According to the Nasadiya Suktam, the entire Universe evolution is due to the ‘desire’ of the ‘Self’ to realize itself by evolving into beings of higher intelligence. Till now all my readings of Vedas and Chamakam too corroborates that. The Chamakam has eleven Anuvakas.

Each Anuvaka corresponds to a force of Rudra, as there are eleven Rudras. Refer to my blog on Rudra, the eleven dimensional space mentioned in the Reference section. Thus it talks about the force of Amba. The second Anuvaka talks about the pre-eminent, raw, unchanged, light generator, that influences like a mature male, overlords everything, delightfully plays with its flaming energy on the plasmic substance Amba and influences the creation of matter that sustains evolution.

But this influencing force itself is unchanged. Thus it talks about Purusha. Thus it talks about Prana or Gluons. The fourth anuvaka talks about the widest, broadest, vast of all force that provides food and growth to every one.

The fifth anuvaka talks about the force that grows size and massive things and that provides stability to entire universe. Thus it talks about the Higgs field that provides mass and the Gravitational field that increases mass. According to science too Baryons are formed in variety of ways during pre-stellar evolution, stellar evolution and decay of other sub-atomic particles.

Thus this talks about the Baryons. The seventh anuvaka talks about a force that regulates the internal bonding between the baryon ionic plasma Indra vayu. It hails this force as the regulator of Universal order, Lord of the Universe itself. Thus it talks about Mesons which does the internal bonding between protons and neutrons.


The role of Mesons is not well understood currently, given the hailing mesons receive from Vedas. The eighth anuvaka talks about the sacrifice evolution that happens and the way bigger and bigger vessels of energy are created, which I map to larger and larger nuclei.

It describes the process in which leptons primarily electrons stream out due to the stirring and are captured by nuclei to form atoms. Thus it talks about the Leptonic forces and evolution of larger and larger elements. The ninth anuvaka talks about extreme hot environments in earth in which membrane-less cell structures evolve and multiply. From this pre-historic beings, immature beings, beings with large mass and higher knowledge emerge.

Thus it talks about the ziZnam the primitive cell structures. The tenth anuvaka talks about the growth of energy in biological beings and invokes the growth of energy upto 4 years of young ones and mature males and females. It also talks about various faculties that emerge in biological beings corresponding to various faculties that emerged in Physics domain.

The Rudram Chamakam

Hence it talks about Soma the energy in physics and fatty acids in biological domain. The eleventh anuvaka chamaka, about the growth of DNA bases in mitochondria and million bases in Nucleus of human beings that carry intelligence.

Hence it talks about Apa the base mediumas I explained in my blogs on Rudra mentioned in the reference section. In this anuvaka, the force of Amba, which is the first force of Rudra first dimension of space is hailed and invoked. This Amba is plasmic in nature and shines and it is from this Amba the entire matter of universe evolves.

Not only matter, but also the beings evolve. This evolutionary process is akin to a Yajna or sacrifice. The sacrificial bed Khusa grass or barhis dried grass-Dharbai of this evolution is the Purusha. Purusha starts the fire on Amba as the dried dharbai is used to start the fire on the altar and hence is called a Male which itself does not undergo change, but influences change.

Out of this Amba is dug out the mesonic clouds like the earth heap that are spread all around. The fuel for this fire further are the Baryons and mesons.

This complete evolutionary process is explained as a sacrifice in Anuvaka Eight. Hence Amba is the Mother. Note that Amba is called Mother here as the juice of Amba probably QGP is sucked to create newer matter particles from Vishnu the lowest unit of chamakan probably a string. This anuvaka talks about the radiations that come out of Amba as it starts agitating putting effort to give birth. In this fire on Amba, Vishnu the lowest unit matter combines, re-combines, radiates, that radiation is captured to create higher and higher energy sources newer matter particles.

Aitareya Upanishad also talks about this huge tormentation of Amba that produces newer and chamwkam matter. Tanu — the Self that exists deep inside the Amba which wants to realize itself through evolution according to Nasadiya Suktam.