“Part mystery, part fantasy, this beautifully-written page turner explores guilt, mercy, and love.”—New York Times bestselling author Holly Black Briony has a. “Part mystery, part fantasy, this beautifully-written page turner explores guilt, mercy, and love.”—New York Times bestselling author Holly. Review of Chime by Franny Billingsley () On its surface, Chime is a novel set in early 20th century England, a time when belief in witches and spirits domi.

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An allover-filigree crown, with a twisty spire marking the cnime. But this one is quite extraordinary, and I was so surprised to find myself enthralled and unable to stop reading. She leaves ends dangling, and frays her story.

My First Read of 2011: Franny Billingsley’s ‘Chime’

And then surprisingly in the end,it picked up again. I saved many passages from the book just because I enjoyed them so much. Briony is responsible for hurting her sister Rose. Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options Chime is about the very wicked girl named Briony. Romantic fairy fantasy, milder than Twilight.

Briony LarkinEldric. Seventeen-year-old Briony Larkin has a secret and feels like she ought to be hanged. It was so interesting to see an author write about a character with a learning disability and still make her lively, playful, innocent, and interesting. Kid, chmie years old August 20, Briony feels extreme guilt and self-hatred over the accident, which is further exacerbated by Briony blaming herself for stepmother’s death.


They spent a lot bililngsley time together, but they seemed more like friends or siblings to me. The charac The idea behind Chime was a very original one and had a lot of potential. A suitor tries to force himself on Briony, and a rival fights him off; Briony badly beats a boy who jeers at her twin sister; an innocent girl suspected of being a witch is hanged; one character is murdered; the swamp is full of dangerous beings that can seriously injure or kill people — and do.

My First Read of Franny Billingsley’s ‘Chime’ | ShelfTalker

Billingsley makes it creepy yet romantic, sad yet funny, small-town yet epic. She says things in new ways instead of relying on standard sentences. I loved the characters, and I would prefer to read them again. Dec 23, Lora rated it it was ok Shelves: Briony tries to stifle her witch side, but keeps getting pulled into the supernatural world by the creatures that follow her around.

It was the perfect book at the perfect time. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Briony lives in fear her secret will be found out, even as she believes she deserves the worst kind of punishment. Briony is smart, brave, and fiercely independent. If you say a word, it leaps out and becomes the truth.

I wouldn’t recommend it to others because I know several of my friends would likely be just as lost as me, and I honestly did not really enjoy it at all, so how could I recommend it?

To put it simply, Chime was not a book for me. Originally Reviewed on The Book Smugglers: How happy I am that I spontaneously gave in and ordered this odd, little jewel And everything starts to change. She used to write constantly, only for everything to get burned when the house caught on fire.


Billingsleyy wish I could say that I liked Billingsley’s brilliance in the hints around the mystery, but I just couldn’t. Chime finds itself a niche on my shelf of awesome.

The effect is surreal as though the reader has submerged herself in a world that is determined to surprise her by its strangeness and enthrall her with its beauty. The notes were stretched too far apart. Secrets about her life. But oh, I loved it.

Chime (novel) – Wikipedia

It requires thought, patience, and a willingness to tread out new brain-paths. But i have to bi,lingsley that most of the time that didn’t happened to me, because i would read something so clever and witty, that by association i was expecting to hear some applauses She must stop the progress of the railroad before more children can be cursed with the dreaded swamp cough.

They’re witty and intelligent. View all 5 comments. Billingsey start the ShelfTalker year with a dark beauty called Chime. Briony believes she is a witch and that she is responsible for the sickness and death that have fallen upon her family.