I have been asked to investigate implementing HSRP on two routers. All the information I have collected states that the HSRP commands. This document provides a sample configuration for HSRP in Cisco Series switches for Siwtch A is active state of HSRP and Switch B is in standby state. How to Configure HSRP on a Cisco Router (with GSN3 lab) these routers could be multilayer switches such as a Cisco or as well.

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So basically once again, my theory is better network topology trumps GLBP for throughput. Environmental Parameters Min Storage Temperature.

cisco HSRP双机热备份配置 | 落脚点

MC-LAG variants are hardware dependent. You can choose whether you need seconds, seconds, or whatever Cisco First Hop Redundancy Protocols: Ah, I remember this one.

By forcing host traffic to both R1 and R2 in this fashion, we would be sure that R2 would never age out the MAC addresses. Post as a guest Name. Mon Nov 30, 6: Jan 26, Posts: We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. If there are other redundancy options I’m unaware of, I’m willing to consider them as well. Aug 4, Posts: In “soft” failure scenarios e. Our consultants think we should just run one big GLBP group between all 8 L3 switches, and I think that’s not the most efficient implementation.

I was thinking in a very simple setup here.

Cisco 6509 HSRP 工程实例介绍 一

How to use your router’s parental controls How to use your router’s parental controls by Molly Price. Why do people keep posting questions and then answering them, themselves?


I think any immediate bandwidth needs can be addressed by upgrading critical servers from dual to quad NICs so that I can team two to each switch.

Our Cisco WAN routers have equal-cost routes to all other sites; thus we can see asymmetric routing effects all the time. The obvious disadvantage is that this doesn’t scale well if you have lots of ARP entries No as in, the searched and found the answer, they had it already?

The default priority is Sign up using Facebook. These standby routers remain ready to take on the entire traffic load if the primary hsp becomes unavailable. But the layer 3 switch scenario strikes me as the cisxo of the thread and more real world typical.

If you really must load balance, do so statically using separate VLANs so you can match up default gateway configurations with STP path selection and inbound routing policies. Pervis Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: If the link from the access layer switch to one of the GLBP pairs is blocking t.

Mon Nov 30, 4: This could create a false impression that it’s a host issue rather than a network issue, and potentially drag out troubleshooting longer than it otherwise would take. Here again is our two router topology, with the preempt command added. GLBP is something I usually use to make up for some design decision that was suboptimal.

Sat Nov 21, 5: I neglected to include that in my answer By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Smart Home by Brian Bennett Dec 3, So what about the following situation?


In my case, it’s to protect against a complete chassis failure, however slim the chances. I’m not a big fan of GLBP. Sat Nov 21, 3: But, both of those are hardware- and topology-dependent.

Mobile by Morgan Little Oct 26, Phones by Shara Tibken Oct 25, With GLBP, half hosts will be sending outbound packets to r01 to route out, and the other half will be sending them to r02 to route out. This option works best if you have a decent-sized layer2 switched network, a reasonable number of ARP entries and few hwrp interfaces.

Troubleshooting HSRP |

GLBP is preferable because it more easily load balances. To solve this problem, we can configure HSRP to be load balanced between routers.

Networking by Lori Grunin Oct 3, Exactly right about the core switches and routers. Mon Nov 23, 7: Why 5G is out of reach for more people than you think 5G promises to revolutionize mobile, but those super-fast speeds will be hard to get in rural America.

Mon Nov 30, 5: If getting more bandwidth to a host is a goal, then Hzrp probably look more at LACP to one switch or a bigger transport hello 10G.