It felt also strange to think that TSR could have put an entirely new fantasy rpg game in without me ever noticing. My first thought was it. A list of products, cover scans, and sources for purchase of these out-of-print books for the various Conan role playing games. Lost Game Safari: The Conan RPG from TSR By Jeff Mejia Conan. With the exception of the works of Professor Tolkien, no other character of.

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Conan The Mercenary Module Cn2 TSR Conan RPG RARE OOP D&d OSR | eBay

Ships from United States. The Gazeteer of Conan’s World “Hyboria, the world of Conan The Roleplaying Game is a rich and varied world setting with a dark underside which is ideal for rpb in. I am not sure how to reach him, but the folks at Xenocon ,org probably could put you in touch with him.

Scott Hadaller November 20, at 6: When this game was announced, I got excited because I really wanted to tar a good Conan game, as the d20 version was not my thing because the d20 system, as a GM, which I always am, is not my thing; damn! I really disliked MSH back then and was–like many of our generation at that time–leaning more to heavy, detailed games. I remember, the main reason I couldn’t get tssr from college to cpnan was because the game grants 2 fame points for killing Black Men, and no matter how much I tried to describe the source story to them, of the demons on the donan, they refused to look at the game.


I was hoping the new boxed set Gamma World would inspire WotC to try their hand at this again, but it was not to be. These points may be applied to increase current talent scores or to purchase new talents that the character was exposed to during play.

I liked the free form magic system, that and the sourcebook are my favorite parts. He rolled a specific wound.

Talent checks are resolved using percentile dice and compared to a color-coded result chart, as was the style at the time. My shipping and handling fees do not include insurance. Together, they were Conan tdr the Queen of the Black Coast. The idea is to frame one’s character abilities into something that is coherent, interesting, and fitting for an adventurer in a Robert E.

I was just starting to really enjoy Rolemaster, and was not down with a single chart resolution mechanic. I think I’d like it much better now.

Conan The Mercenary Module Cn2 TSR 7402 Conan RPG RARE OOP D&d OSR

Please tdr a valid ZIP Code. The victim has a chance to save themselves, but it still makes insta-kills possible. I found it to be very playable.

While this game is a sequel to Conan: His tragic mistake is that he threatens Conan also, for Conan is now King of this mighty land. Howard to friends and written after Robert’s suicide.


Then the PDF was released, and it proved to be the most boring rulebook I had ever read. I have modified it somewhat during years of running it. This however, is in keeping with the flavor of the original stories, priests and mages were adversaries to be thwarted. Beginning characters start off really weak. Anonymous May 16, at 5: And when its all said and done, the fruits of their labor are still ysr near as powerful as their fireball-slinging brethren in other games.

At the time, I was big into Rolemaster, so a single table resolution mechanic was completely laughable to me. This is a game that I like to play around with from time to time. One Hits kills are possible, but cause the game to devolve into hoping for a 10 or lower every attack. Conab never even saw the full rules until ZeFRS, but damn tar that module didn’t seem exotic back in the late 80s I’ll have to take a look.

All this not only makes it difficult to tell what should be rolled, but also what should be used in opposition, or what difficulty should be applied. Robert Baldwin June 6, at 9: