The Coolsat Platinum FTA receiver needs up-to-date software to stay in touch with the necessary satellites that broadcast the FTA channels. FTA or. Find great deals on eBay for coolsat manual. DREAMLINK T4 T5 LITE COOLSAT HD KBOX Remote Control w/Batteries. Coolsat Manual. Here is a little manual I created from various forums. Hope you like it! Attached Thumbnails. Ya Can’t Play with a Broken.

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I don’t know why- but settings tend to change when editing these lists. How to find Favorites: The DP34 can be used in place of a 4×1 diseqc or the 4×1 in place of the DP34 switch with limitations already noted. Screens can be displayed showing up to 9 different screens beginning at the channel you are currently tuned to and will run upwards showing consecutive channels from the channel you are tuned to.

Please enter a valid email address. It is highly recommended not to do Blind Scans but to do Auto Scans with Network On to obtain your channel data and to do your scans in the same order your lnbs are committed on. Use of the NDFEdit program may cause conflicts with the software used in the Coolsat and it should no longer be used in working with Coolsat Channel Lists.

Press ok and device and then enter code to do manual search push ok device at the same time light will blink twice then keep pushing up on the channel button until tv shuts off then push ok then you are done i hope this helps. The scan will pick up converted transponders used by Dishpro Lnbs automatically for lnbs using the LOF of Feb 27, Jensen Remote Control. I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. Cindy Wells Level 3 Expert Answers. Click on the Coolsat Pro Loader v.

This will open the transponder edit window, where you can enter the new frequency, symbol rate and vertical polarity. We have seen the original third party coders for Coolsat move to support a different receiver and a new group of coders come on the scene with Coolsat support with release of the new Super Bin for Coolsat. Many people are walking around not understanding the difference between the old N1 keys and the new N2 keys now being used and where proper placement of the keys go into the CAS key lines.


Begin your upload and it will save for you. Exit out of the tool. To re-enable the lock, the receiver must be turned off.

The receiver will not or need to reboot after flashes. Click on Exit to exit the Auto Detect.

Download all files and unzip them and place them in a handy place where you can locate them. You can check, if you desire, the Auto Detect to confirm comm port settings, but this is not necessary after flashing the bin above. Use a null modem cable and connect the two units. N2 keys are now twice the number of bytes in the key string with 32 bytes comprising the key string divided into two key lines holding 16 bytes each to hold the entire key. Use the Lyngsat chart http: You can navigate through the screens by using the buttons around the OK button on the remote.


How to Program a Coolsat 5000 Platinum

I again extend my thanks to all my fellow testers who have shared so generously with their conversations and postings of their knowledge furthering the notion that FTA is freeware.

Video of the Day. Brought to you by 500. Do not interrupt until the Finish window opens. I would recommend not using the Default Channel option of the loader as this function is needed by the bin software to operate the EPG program correctly.

Coolsat Platinum FTA Digital Satellite Receiver Silver Remote Working | eBay

Applying this Template to a freshly scanned and uploaded Channel List will convert that raw scan into a nearly completed Channel List in a second rather than hours. FTA or free-to-air TV channels are distributed without encryption methods and do not require any subscription or activation fees, unlike other types of satellite service.


To load the channel bin, open the tool and click on the Channels Tab to enter the channel load operation.

After clicking on the Channels Tab, the tool will open in the default setting normally used to load the channel list to the receiver. You may wish coolxat maintain DN order. To Turn off the feature: Some of these options are as follows, with some brief comments and how to use them: When you have browsed in the file you want to flash to the receiver, click on the Connect Button.

A prior work around has always been to delete transponder 1 off any custom channel list or to set your antenna settings as you think it should be and then enter the Motorized Dish setting in Installation and scroll to Echo 7 satellite and then scroll down to transponder and scroll up through transponders to verify signal for Echo 7. Click “Add” to insert your video. The switch is a Dish Network switch designed to be used with Dishpro Lnbs with Dish Network manul that supply the power required by the switch that is greater than the power supplied mznual the switch by most FTA receivers.

coolsatfordummies – kawarthadss

Plug into wall outlet. For each new channel, first collect all the necessary information locals from here: Transponders receiving no signal will be in red and show no signal. Upload your list to the personal computer by using the Coolsat Pro Loader Tool.

When asked for password, enter