La corrupción azul: el despilfarro en las transiciones presidenciales. Front Cover. Daniel Lizárraga. Random House Mondadori, – Language Arts. Corrupcion azul/Blue Corruption: El despilfarro en las transiciones presidenciales/Waste in Presidential Transitions by Daniel Lizarraga at : Corrupcion azul / Blue Corruption: El despilfarro en las Edition ) () by Daniel Lizarraga and a great selection of similar New.

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Go beyond Google lizqrraga Wikipedia into the deep web where public records, government data, archives, corporate information, and technical studies are hidden from plain view.

Christine Engh is deputy news editor at Norway’s leading quality newspaper, Aftenposten. Director at CodeForAfrica and AfricanCIR, bringing together investigative journalism and civic technology, to turn ‘data’ into actionable information for citizens. A native of Argentina, Gabriela Manuli has been a journalist for more than ten years, working for radio and TV shows, magazines, and newspapers. Kim Yong Jin will explain the success of Newstapa, Korea’s video-based investigative nonprofit, which has more than 30, dues-paying members.

Learn how to extract data from thousands of pages at a time, and to grab it from pages that require clicks to see it. She was trained in this field at the The food arrives in bulk at government-run distribution centres and then quickly runs out. Mapping with Arc 1 Get help with Sofware downloading Friday 4. One and a half years after the annexation of the Crimea by the Russian Federation and the start of the war in Eastern Ukraine, the relations between Moscow and the West have reached a historical post Cold War low.

Ultimately, the film is optimistic — as Leila Seth says towards the end of the film: She and her team worked on data-driven coverage of topics including veterans’ administration hospitals, new economy jobs He developed interest in investigative journalism in Shortlisted for the Paul Foot Award The Council of Europe Platform to promote the protection of journalism and safety of journalists has been online since April this year.


Conflict Reporting Great story projects, investigative techniques, and collaborations have come out of the Global Investigative Journalism Conference since our first meeting in Intimate stories from the war on terror.

Quantitative approaches to investigating public budgets and spending: With understanding comes the possibility of change.

Teaching Computer-Assisted Reporting This session will incorporate decades of experience in teaching students, faculty and professionals in more than 30 countries how to use data for journalism. Issue an Dnaiel distress message with one simple touch of the phone.

Create customized Alert messages when you or a colleague may be at risk. In this session, we’ll walk through a number of different software packages, including many that are free or inexpensive, and demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Daniel Lizárraga – GIJC15

Reporting in many countries is getting more dangerous than ever. Co-founder and Managing Editor at Journalismfund. That will be followed by a discussion among membership organizations, including presentations on where to hold the next global conference, GIJC They will talk in very practical terms about the key aspects of their relationship; the problems they solve; the different and complementary mindsets and skills they bring to an investigation; and the expectations they have of each other.

But how do other investigators prove wrongdoing? Brigitte is a senior Danish-German journalist, she has won multiple awards and is proud that these awards were always granted to her and team members. By watching clips, the user follows the process of evidence gathering: Both journalists and coders are welcome. She refuses to bow to threats from assassins, ultra-nationalists, neo-Nazis and criminal lizarragq based in hooligan movements.

Daniel Lizárraga

How eliminating the corporate income tax will hurt developing countries which depend on it. In part two we will showcase different databases and investigate on the stop. Henk van Ess is obsessed by finding news in data.

ThursdayOctober 8. Since Anin has been working You will learn how to connect to Excel files and other data, create maps and charts, make them interactive, and publish them on your site. Python for Scraping 3 An introduction to webscraping with Python: By the end you’ll be able to explain why these principles work and see how other designers, especially news designers, use them.


Snowden revealed how the American and British intelligence services systematically intercept metadata from the wzul population. Presentation Investigative Teaching Lab and Desk docx. Johnston has been an outstanding American investigative reporter for more than 50 years. We’ll look at different methods to lizarragga tables with each other to find out which items are in common between two tables.

Data-driven watchdog reporter based in London, international journalism trainer and offspring of the Centre cofrupcion Investigative Journalism CIJ. AP Singh the other defence lawyer in the case: Egeberg this dahiel won SKUP’s top award for his reporting on the story. Clare Rewcastle Brown is a British journalist and the founder and editor of the website Sarawak Report, which has come to prominence for challenging wide scale political corruption in Malaysia and the impacts on civil and indigenous rights as well as on the environment.

Tips and Best Practices China is now the world’s second largest economy and its actions affect the world. Webscraping without Programming 1 This session is about extracting data from webpages without using any code. He offers tips on how to search for data in the region where spelling the names of businessmen, investors and companies may differ from country to country. IPI member Rafael Marques de Morais is an Angolan journalist and human rights defender focused on lizarrzga government corruption and abuses in lizararga diamond industry.

Understanding Global Tax Dodging How multinational corporations literally turn a profit off taxes. Her films focus on human rights, the environment and social justice. It aaul free for all members of IRE. Visitors should go home with a running crypto toolset on their laptops. How to Investigate Disasters Three investigative reporters presents how to investigate disasters.