Finding the tough conversations too hard? Struggling to hold others accountable for their performance? Crucial Conversations and. Accountability Skills Training. Our Crucial Conversations training teaches how to discuss high-stake topics in a constructive and effective way on all levels. VitalSmarts Releases Crucial Conversations® Online Training. Now, the dialogue skills from the award-winning training course can be.

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See all training solutions. Very clearly set up expectations were managed, questions were answered. Thank you for your message. The training has a lot of stress control skills. Are you sure converdations want to proceed? Effective Communication Starts Here. The instructor has real-life stories and she makes you feel safe, comfortable.

Willeke clearly understands the material, so she could bring it to life. The instructor is very nice and open person, patient, good structure of training and friendly. The instructor speaks clearly, and the explanation is easy to understand. The coonversations is very clear in giving instructions. Takes time to explain. Also analysing facts and stories is a powerful skill. In addition to our two-day training program, VitalSmarts offers you and you employees the possibility to follow a training to become an in-house Crucial Conversations trainer.


Our trainer was very knowledgeable and clear. Speak Persuasively, Not Abrasively.

Thank you Willeke, for the insight that I gained from this training. Become a Crucial Conversations trainer In addition to our two-day training program, VitalSmarts offers you and you employees the possibility to follow a training to become an in-house Crucial Conversations trainer.

We received a lot of pratical tools to use to improve ourselves. This training has a lot of usefull skills, like separate facts from stories.

Join a VitalSmarts Master Trainer in our facilitated virtual training classroom and learn Crucial Conversations from the comfort of your home or office. Practice role-plays rehearsals, videos building the recap steps visual, posters as we went through the chapters. Our two-day Crucial Conversation course teaches you how to have an open dialogue about high-stakes, emotional, and risky topics within every level of your organization. The trainer Willeke gives very powerful examples illustrating the components of the program, engaging us into conversations.

Sign up for training. Consistent behaviors lead to organizations, teams, and individuals developing high-performance cultures based on trust and respect. I like the structure of the concept of Crucial Conversations and video clips.

Trainer has a clear voice and explains very clearly.

Learning Your Way.

I can apply the knowledge immediately in my real life. The trainer has humor, vitalsmaarts I respect her openess to share personal experiences.

Usually it’s hard to stay focussed, but she managed very well to keep my interest.


The instructor is listening and provide personal “Experiences to explain training and concept”. Press enter to begin your search. Frankly, almost every day, I have some kind of “crucial” situation.

Crucial Conversations Training – VitalSmarts

Ready to talk about Crucial Conversations Training? The training is sharing with other: STP Nuclear Power Plant went from total shut-down to generating the most electricity in the nation among two-unit plants. If we did not convince you just yet about the value of Crucial Conversations for your converstions, then you are more than welcome to join one of our inspirational sessions. Looking forward to explore opportunites for PVH together. What does Crucial Conversations teach?

The instructor was open, and perfect general vitslsmarts skills. The small group and intensive interaction was excellent. After signing up you are allowed to read all documents.

Training Crucial Conversations ®

The instructor is clear and provides a safe feeling. Good mixture conversationz different means to convey the key messages movies, excercises, dialogue, plenary.

Thank you for your interest.