Introduction to Programming (CS). Handouts (pdf) / Powerpoint Slides (PPTs) Select a course code for Handouts (pdf/PPTs). ACC ACC BIF Introduction to Programming (CS). Handouts | Lectures | Contents | Books Introduction, Software Categories / History of C / IDE, Starting to C, Expressions. Introduction To Programming CS Download Complete Lectures Introduction To Programming CS_Lecturemp4.

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Control computer hardware 3. Solve end user problems 4. Develop Graphics Correct Choice: More than what we tell it 2. Less then what we tell it 3. Like human being 4. Exactly what we tell it Correct Choice: Linker and loaders 2. Opreating System and Linker 3. None of the Given Correct Choice: An arithmetic operator 2. A logical operator 3. A relational operator 4.

A division operator Correct Choice: Programmer can use comments to include short explanations within the source code itself. All lines beginning with two programmijg signs are considered comments. Comments very important effect on the behavior of the program 4. A Comma3.

String that varies during program execution 2. A portion of memory to store a value 3. Those numbers that are frequently required in programs 4. None of these Correct Choice: When it contain inntroduction operators 3. When it contain logical operators.

When the condition is true Correct Choice: When x is less than one hundred 2. When x is greater than one ce201 3. When x is equal to one hundred 4. While it wishes Correct Choice: Repeat Until Correct Choice: Stops the entire program 2. Stops the execution of current statement 3. Exits from switch statement 4. None of the given options Correct Choice: The step value of the loop. The first value of our counter variable. None of the above.

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To quit the program. To quit the current iteration.

CS201 Introduction to Programming Solved MCQs For Midterm Exam Preparation

To stop the current iteration and begin the next iteration. To continue to the next line of code. To stop the current iteration and begin the next iteration from the beginning. As an alternative to the else statement. ZeroHello World Correct Choice: All of the above Correct Choice: Because they tell the compiler that a function is declared later. Because they make the program more readable. Because they allow the programmer to see a quick list of functions in the program along with the arguments for each function.

All of the above.

The control is transfer to its Prototype 2. The control is transfer to its definition 3. The compiler stop execution of whole program 4. The program hangs Correct Choice: Number Sign Correct Choice: The declarations of the basic standard input-output library.

The streams of includes and outputs of program effect. Both of these 4. Cout represents the standard output stream in c Cout is declared in the iostream standard file 3.

Cout is declared within the std namespace 4. None of cs2001 Correct Choice: These are lines read and processed by the preprocessor 2. They do not produce any code by themselves 3. These must be written on their own line 4. They end with a semicolon Correct Choice: The addresses of q ce201 r 2. The addresses of j and kgarbage cs2001 Correct Choice: Deleting the two Arrays 2. Comparing the two Arrays 3.


Copying the two arrays 4. Doing Nothing Correct Choice: Variables created in a function cannot be used another function. Variables created in a function can be used in another function. Variables created in a function can only be used in the main function. A syntax error Correct Choice: Outputs some rubbish value 4.

Will not compile Correct Choice: The values of j and k 2. The addresses of q and r 3. The addresses of j and k 4. Nick Name Correct Choice: Whole Array Address 3. Address of the first element of the array 4. Increase the value of the element that the pointer is pointing to.

Cause the pointer to point to the next element in the array. None of the given option Correct Choice: Call by value 2.

It depends on type of array 3. Call by Reference 4. It depends on the return type of function. Read, Close the file, Open the file 3. Open the file, Ti the file, write 4. Non of the Given Correct Choice: This number is the actual data bytes inside the file.

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Variable in a structure. Pointer to a structure. Simple variables, Pointers and Arrays of structure 2. Pointers and Arrays of structure 4. June, Available online at: Data type, int or double for example, is an attribute.