If Ilium left you wondering whether it were possible for Dan Simmons to make this stranger, and any more spectacular — with Olympos you have your answer. Gary Taylor is not impressed by Olympos, Dan Simmons’s retelling of the Troy saga. I wanted to like it. After Ilium, I was all fired up for the big explanation. I was looking forward to Achilles being a legendary badass, and the.

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But although Olympos, like its Homeric source, continually reminds us of the particularity of human experience, the engine that drives epic across space and time is not satire but praise, not failure but some memory of extraordinary achievement. Then they left to live in the rings. There is a lot of crazy, wonderful stuff going on in this book, and Simmons does satisfy the reader’s curiosity by answering some olyympos the questions, but he also fuels the reader’s desire for more by leaving a select few unanswered.

You get to enjoy the back seat activities of two teenage characters you’ve never even been introduced to. The sentient robots from the asteroid belt were the most identifiable characters in it. Now, it’s going to be hard to move on. Yes, at nearly densely packed pages in hardcover, it’s long. Fall of HyperionEdnymion and Rise of Endymion.

Olympos (Ilium, #2) by Dan Simmons

Then there are the overlong battle scenes. The more interesting chapters are those describing the continuing adventures of the Greek and Trojan heroes, now that recreated plot of simmoms Iliad has gone completely off the rails and Achilles and Hector have teamed up to go to war with the gods. Specifically of the very traditional olympox white dude canon.


The novel’s conclusion is full of these convenient escapes, plot holes and simple omissions, and several major threads are left unresolved.

The combination of quality literature, classic literature appreciation, science fiction, and mythology present here is wholly unique, and I loved it. For example, the book starts by quoting the beggining of Oympos of Achilles word for word, until it veers off in a different direction. Zeus’ out-of-nowhere desire to become the One God of the Universe is foiled by Achilles and Hephaestus begins his reign on Olympos, clearing up those pesky quantum disturbances from way back in the book as an afterthought.

The story comes into its own olympis Olympos, and unlike a lot of Simmons characters, you really start to feel empathy with a number of the characters in the novel. And if some things had been cut out, it would’ve made it more readable and made it make more sense.

Illium and Olympos by Dan Simmons

Some of the reviews I read olymlos about things not being explained fully, and while I found that to be somewhat true, I thought that enough was explained to leave me satisfied. And that’s just the tip of that book’s iceberg of wonderful and unlikely inventions. Not impressed with the narrator. But then it turns out that the Olympian gods are pawns of larger gods or Gods, including Setebos and Prospero. This is the last volume of dazzling SF epic duology by San Simmons.

Having internalised this knock-down ethic at an early age, I enjoyed the aesthetic courage and intellectual ambition of this book. The events are set in motion by beings dab appear to be ancient Greek gods. A least favorite work needs to commit some special crime. How did that contribute in any way to the plot?

But he’s rather gotten simons the spirit of the Heroic Age of Achillesthough there are a couple of female characters in the story that are three-dimensional, including, in my opinion, Helen of Troy. There are Greek gods residing on Olympus Mons, an authentic city of troy, Agamemnon with his armies, Hector in his crested helmet. Other books in the series.


He seems to think that he can demonstrate his literary credentials by plopping down undigested chunks of Shakespeare and Proust. And now all bets are off. The annoying thing about Dan Simmons is that he changes the style of his writing from book to book. I actually rather want to find Ilium now and read it, because I feel that it might be orders of magnitude better.


Female characters don’t make out much better. Then there are the overlong debates with the Greek generals. Dqn me give you a little taste of what can you expect from this book:.

What’s missing is the “so what? Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Emily Dickinson is name-dropped once, and an unnamed female poet of the twenty-first century is referenced once.

On the other hand, I have the same complaint that I had with Ilium: Devoted SF fan is surely thrilled by this book. And the Goddesses al I almost couldn’t believe this book was written by the same author as Hyperion and Ilium.

Now, having said all that, Ilium and Olympos were fascinating, original, creative, challenging, and, in the end, rewarding.

It is impossible to give a brief and pithy synopsis olymposs a book like this; its ideas can’t be contained so easily. There is more character development in this second book, especially when the old-st Like IliumOlympos is a mixed bag for me.