Hello! Does anyone have a copy of the conversion document for the Dark Inheritance Spycraft book to the Spycraft version?. Hey! I am looking to convert the Dark Inheritance setting (Powered by Spycraft ) to Spycraft and was wondering if anyone has a. Originally released by Mythic Dreams Studios for the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, Dark Inheritance is designed for Spycraft, AEG’s d

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In truth the Dark Inheritance lineages are evocative enough the game has more depth that just exploring their flavoured powers.

Pyramid: Pyramid Review: Dark Inheritance (for Spycraft)

Parts of the city are merged with the alien landscape of the other world. Of the five prestige classes described herein, four require allegiance to a particular organization. There’s every incentive to create a Titan character or one of the furry-esq macro-species created inheritancce genetic engineering and jump zpycraft the exciting and action packed world there’s perhaps less of a reason to do it again quickly. Absolutely no tears and no marks, a collectible condition.

Dark Inheritance

Each of these books sported highly distinctive cover art by artist Veronica V. Spycaft is a bit of speculation here about the reaction than major world religions and other factions lies here, something that may tread a few sensitivities relating to current events in the middle east, if such things are of concern to you and your players.

As the dust settles, a forgotten enemy slips through the cracks in their eternal prison, escaping onto streets lined with glass and steel.


The section on Arcane Crafts finishes with a few new skills and feats unique to that calling. Like the Shadowforce Archer setting, each of these factions has its inhwritance “genre” and style of play associated with it.

Further, each of these grants access to a number of special abilities called birthrights. Play a determined Advocate, knowledgeable Arcanist, a cutting edge Genesoldier, a dynamic Two-Fisted God of Guns, or four other unique classes! A South African mercenary contingent, for more military games along the lines of the original Predator movie. dar

Spycraft: Dark Inheritance

Rather than be another fish in the d20 pond, Dark Inheritance is positioned as a more noticeable fish in a smaller spycrafy Strange relics have already been recovered, that are completely unlike anything known on Earth. Retrieved from ” https: These groups of powers are collectively known as Legacies.

It seems to me as that designation should be “less than or equal to”, as otherwise you would not be able to take a birthright at 2nd level. Regular d20 players will not be confused with concepts like “Arcane Craft Domains” as a way of grouping arcane crafts into themes like air, animal, luck and knowledge. The very nature of the campaign necessitates a sark changes from the standard Spycraft rules. Campaign Setting game world. But Legacies and Birthrights come with a price.

You can edit this page to create it.

Or Die To Protect? In the campaign converted to the Spycraft 2.

Spycraft – Dark Inheritance (EX)

Due to the nature of loose counters, if a game is unplayable it may be returned for a refund of the purchase price. Enter an ancient world, once locked behind eldritch gates and filled with monsters out of legend, an Otherworld waiting to be explored.


If you don’t have access to AEG’s Spycraft then there’s more a debate. Dark Inheritance also introduces new backgrounds, departments, new skill uses, 31 new feats, and a brand-new option, the hybrid macro-species a blend of human and animal DNA. If excessively worn, they will be marked as “tray worn.

There is little commonality with the classes in the D20 Modern version, many classes already existing in some form, or having their capabilities revised to fit the system better in some manner.

The first of all the Spycraft campaign settings. There are new options, backgrounds and departments with the Dark Inheritance twist; tribal, old blood, hedge mage, etc too. I was particularly impressed with the index, a well-referenced piece that makes finding what you need much less a chore. There were also numerous changes from Classic Spycraft, such as:. The advocate is not a highly combative character class, but iheritance pursuing their agenda, their abilities with skill use are very telling.

Though this system is very random, I spycraff it a significant improvement over the original, which really left characters vulnerable to the vagaries of the dice roll.