David Andrew Gemmell was a British author of heroic fantasy, best known for his debut novel, Legend. A former journalist and. Buy The Sword in the Storm (Rigante) Reissue by David Gemmell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Just wondering if anyone can help me i just finished reading my first David Gemmell book (Sword in the Storm), i enjoyed it so much i read the.

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If I ever forget what good storytelling is, then I can gejmell turn to David Gemmell for a sterling reminder. Archived from the original on 23 May Joined Jan 6, Messages 2. Conn is not a bad man, and he really isn’t an anti-hero per se, he is however a man that knows his own faults. Joined Aug 20, Messages 5.

Rigante Series in Order – David Gemmell – FictionDB

And the answer is no. This seems to be the overall theme in Sword in the Storm, the third novel I’ve read by David Gemmell. Archived from the original on 15 December People who like this sort of thing will like it a lot. This boy’s lack was the subject of sly whispers from the adults, and open jeering from his peers.

Rome-analog acts mostly as philosophic hand puppet. He cheats on his wife. Not a page wasted.

David Gemmell

The problem is when anything “personal” happens to Connavar. Jun 13, Cheryl rated it it was ok. Caladaster Ddavid Member Jan 8, I am the night. I p Fairly typical fantasy world, but far better done than most. A story that just recounts a bunch of disconnected deeds of bravery and betrayal like a grocery list just doesn’t interest me.


I’m okay with unusual courage. Refresh and try again. Waldo – I started reading Gemmell novels over 10 years ago. Joined Aug 7, Messages 1, That is the best part. Open Preview See a Problem? Bugg A Lerxst in Wonderland Apr 23, In fact, definately in my top 3 reads of all time. In between we may be touched by love, but we are still alone. Do i need to read the Drenai saga to read this? They have the ability to take you into another world, another dimension, that we know is not too far removed from our own dreams and experiences, challenges and feelings.

The other will forge a legend—and light the fires of revolution. Jun 04, Rodolfo rated it really liked it Shelves: As patron, he was the main judge in the national literary competition run by the group, the Legend Writing Awardwhich was named after his breakthrough novel.

I can forgive a man who himself is seeking forgiveness. For soon a merciless army will cross the water, destroying forever the timeless rhythms of life among the Rigante. They seem less prone to the superman protagonist syndrome.

I know that Gemmell is a really popular fantasy author but I guess I just don’t get it. There is no black and white, only differing shades of grey, and the gritty undertones make it all the more enjoyable. If i could re-live but one day in my life, it would be the day that I read of our dear Conn, going off the rails and killing Unfortunately I now know the truth about the Alamo… The Alamo is a consistent story of cock-up after cock-up.

So far, it doesn’t seem like Connavar is learning. And it gets even better in the Drenai Saga where not only is there large time gaps but these gaps don’t necessarily go forward in time.


Sword in the Storm (The Rigante, #1) by David Gemmell

But the Wyrd pins her hope on two men: Damn would have been nice to read about the destruction of the Stone Army and Conns rise to High King. It actually reminds me of the writing of A Game Of Thrones.

In all of his books Gemmell has a way of creating some of the most in depth and real characters I have ever read. Connavar is clearly supposed to be complex, and he’s pictured as a massive bear with chains holding him in check the chains being honor, duty, etc. I could go through the book blow by blow on what I liked and didn’t but basically it boils down to the ultimate test – am I going to read the next one in the series?

This isn’t just a simple story, yet it reads like one. Excellent character development, excellent action and battle scenes, and a compelling story line, This is the first book in the Rigante series, which introduces us to Connavar, a hero in the classic mold.

Yet if we live in terror of it, then we do not live at all.

It’s there, but its not so overwhelmingly sappy that I lose interest. Of applicants, he was probably the least qualified for the position, but was hired owing to his display of arrogance during the interview, which was mistaken for self-confidence.

To the hen, the fox is a murderer. Want to Read saving….