Buy Five Nations (Eberron Campaign: Dungeons & Dragons) by Bill Slavicsek ( ISBN: ) Book 4 of 15 in the Eberron (D&D manuals) Series . The humans of the Five Nations are ethnically diverse. It’s hard to map Eberron’s fashions to Earth’s history because it’s not Earth. . One of the common tropes of many classic D&D settings is dragonhide armor, for example. Although it is the most powerful of the Five Nations emerging from the Last War, it is also the most interested in maintaining peace; King.

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The plateau that stretches out from the mountains is punctuated by a series of canyons and mesas that form a natural labyrinth from which the demons possess their easiest access to the surface world in all of Khorvaire. Something I have put a lot of thought into is regional cuisine. The capital of Breland is Wroat, and Breland is home to the largest city on Khorvaire, Sharn, known as the City of Towers for its towering buildings and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Her ruffles and hairstyle reflect the latest trends in Fairhaven fashion; while her dress appears constricting, the fabric is surprisingly flexible.

Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition – Eberron – Five Nations

Demon Wastes The Demon Wastes are nstions barren, volcanic wasteland stretching out from beyond the Shadowcrags and the Icehorn Mountains, which separate the area from the Eldeen Reaches. They export diplomatic expertise and produce the Korranberg Chronicle, a widely read newspaper. My home games have leaned hard into a vaguely Victorian through Jazz Age look, with the idea that the Last War is a close enough WW1 analogue and the lightning rail, airship, and Sivis networks fill the same roll as trains, planes, and telegraphs respectively, so that other aspects of the world should conform to feel familiar.


Your email address will not be published. The coup involved the uniting of numerous goblin bands, scattered throughout the armies of all d&v warring nations in a massed assault and conquest of southern Give. What about the influence of Zilargo who are neighbors of Breland without the baggage of having been at war with them. Ebeerron began on Sarlona, where environments range from desert to arctic tundra and everything in between.

When King Galifar I built his kingdom, the gnomes surrendered, to maintain their independence. As Karrnathis enjoy practical designs, most of their religious displays are second to the functionality of their clothes.

Dragonmarks: People of the Five Nations

Displays for the Sovereign Host are similarly practical, usually taking the form of small give in tools, armour and weapons. I think this concept generally extends. The survivors of Cyre have little regard for the goblins, given their occupation of Cyre land and general bitterness at the loss of their own home.

Red thread for clothing is commonplace, representing blood that binds the community together and keeps us alive. Darguun was once land owned by the nation of Cyre, and was appropriated by goblinoid mercenaries, who served during the Last War, during a mass coup that occurred around 29 years ago.

Dragonmarks: People of the Five Nations |

This is clothing with fabric imbued with illusion. By contrast, I assume that such armor in other settings is simply… brown. Zilargo The gnomes have lived here for thousands of years, managing to keep their independence through diplomacy. Shoes are another thing to give some consideration.

Below the natiions Council of Cardinals, the archbishops of the Silver Flame act as governors and mayors throughout the realm.

Dark Sun Dark Sun: They could be meant to uphold social mores in Thrane and Karrnath, or to maintain social divisions in Aundair. Now it is inhabited by mostly goblins, ogres, hags fivd gnolls. One, the Carrion Tribes, are the bloodthirsty, primitive, demon-worshiping Human tribes that wander the plains beyond the Labyrinth.


Please help improve it by replacing them with more appropriate citations to reliable, independent, third-party sources. Going up in means from there, eberrkn styles vary a lot from place to place.

Castor is a retired templar from Thrane. Lhazaar Principalities Pirates enerron other nautical forces live here. Thrane, Karrnath, Aundair, Breland, Cyre. It has hardly any exports, although it has a deal with House Deneith to supply mercenaries.

The country was founded, far from everything, to maintain the ideals of King Galifar I, and consists of a few cities and small villages spread throughout the jungle. A few survivors from Cyre have settled a village in Breland, dubbed New Cyre.

Five Nations

I always saw that picture as: As the largest and most populous nation 3. And haute-couture in Eberron would be as unusual and surreal as that of modern day Earth, possibly taking inspiration from ancient and foreign cultures.

Pirates and other nautical forces live here. She makes up for this, though, by having a gleaming white prosthetic arm powered by a small bound eberrkn elemental, proudly blazoned with the Cannith coat of arms. Other groups within the country have clamored for the complete elimination of the monarchy and the establishment of an entirely elected government. It helps that I often have to watch Project runway with my wife and knew the terms: And in Cyre you had both more widespread wealth and a love of art and artistry… but now carrying the scars of loss.