SIGMA® Primary Knee System Balanced Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction 2 DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction SIGMA® Primary Knee System Balanced Surgical Technique PFC Chamfer Guides Size Product, DePuy P.F.C. Sigma Knee System, Non-Porous Cruciate Retaining Femoral Component, 73 mm M/L 69 mm A/P, 5 left, sterile, DePuy Orthopaedics, . Functional outcome of PFC Sigma fixed and rotating-platform total knee . system (PFC Sigma or PFC Sigma RP, DePuy, Warsaw, Indiana).

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Difficulties with bearing dislocation and breakage using a movable bearing total knee replacement system. Registration gives you full access to all of the features of WhichMedicalDevice. None of these studies showed a statistically significant difference between the mobile and fixed sogma, but the use of different types and designs of implants may have affected the clinical outcome as has previously been acknowledged by Biau et al.

Questionnaire on the perceptions of patients about deouy knee replacement.

Three patients had to be excluded from analysis. Two patients required drainage and washout of their knee due to infection both rotating platform. Your opinion matters to others – rate this device or add a comment.

SIGMA® Total Knee System | DePuy Synthes Companies

If you would like to report a potential cybersecurity vulnerability in any of our products, please refer to our Responsible Disclosure Reporting website. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. All implants were posterior stabilised, cemented and the patella was resurfaced in all cases. TKA is indicated for: Intramedullary referencing was used for the femur and extramedullary referencing for the tibia. Ten patients five in each group had a persisting fixed flexion deformity with a mean of 6.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. This study shows that there is no statistically significant difference in functional outcome between the two types of implants at short-term follow-up.


Vanguard Total Knee Replacement Manufacturer: All medical devices have associated risks. In the titanium tibial base plate was changed to a highly polished cobalt chrome version.

Patients were included if they were suitable for treatment with either a fixed- or mobile-bearing knee replacement system and had given written informed consent. J Bone Joint Surg Br. The allocated envelope was opened on the day before surgery by the operating surgeon after consent had been obtained.

The aim of this study was to determine whether there is a difference in functional outcome between the PFC Sigma fixed-bearing and rotating-platform total knee replacement systems.

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Mobile bearings in total knee arthroplasty have been developed with the aim to better reproduce the complex function and kinematics of the knee joint [ 1 ]. Please direct all other requests to one of the other DePuy Synthes Companies pdc career inquiries email addresses located on this page.

Allows for either rotating platform or fixed bearing cepuy constructs Only company to provide rotating platform in the revision constraint varus valgus constraint level.

Results One hundred twenty patients were recruited for this study. Total Knee Arthroplasty TKA and Unicompartmental Knee Replacement are intended to provide increased patient mobility and reduce pain by replacing the damaged knee joint articulation in patients where there is evidence of sufficient sound bone to seat and support the components. One hundred twenty patients were randomised to receive either a fixed-bearing or rotating-platform PFC Sigma total knee replacement.

In the postoperative period nine patients experienced complications. Data about patient demographics, activity level, previous knee surgery, other joint pathologies, concomitant medical problems and medication were collected prior to surgery.


The most recent randomised controlled trial by Higuchi et al. All patients were mobilised fully weight-bearing using a walking frame or crutches for support from the first postoperative day. If you are a patient, click here.

Depuy | PFC Sigma Knee System | Which Medical Device

This may be explained by the fact that the fixed-bearing group had a statistically significantly greater preoperative mean flexion deformity. Please direct all other requests to one of the other DePuy Synthes Companies or career inquiries email addresses located on this page.

Click here to visit http: The content on this page is intended for Healthcare Professionals. Simultaneous mobile- and fixed-bearing total knee replacement in the same patients.

Mean age at surgery was For the subsequent patients a further randomisation schedule, blocked and stratified for treatment only, was produced by ppfc biostatistician at DePuy International Ltd.

P.F.C.® SIGMA&reg TC3 Knee System | DePuy Synthes Companies

This however seems unlikely as the use of the mobile bearing was not associated with a better outcome. Highly polished cobalt chrome tibial tray provides smooth surface to minimize polyethylene wear 1 i2 locking mechanism with an interference fit for decreased micromotion 2 Features XLK polyethylene, a moderately cross-linked, oxidatively stable material.

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None of the authors have received or will receive benefits for personal or professional use from a commercial party related directly or indirectly to the subject of this article. The content on this page is intended for Healthcare Professionals. Their designs provide articulation at both the upper and lower surfaces of the bearing, improving congruency and thus leading to a reduction depuyy polyethylene contact stresses.