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She has written a dozen books on these issues. Follow desinfor,acion twitter youtube. Social conflicts arise determined by specific historical contingencies. In he started to write in La Vanguardia. Illescas Social conflicts arise determined by specific historical contingencies.

He coordinates the magazine La Maleta de Portbou. She stood for the European Parliament on the Internationalist Initiative ticket in Here we debate on the forms used, the resources that were available and the proposals used that have come down to our day. It does not aspire to critical balance, exultant hagiography or comfortable melancholy either.

Artistic Invasions in Political Borders. His books notably include Stalin.

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Among their demands, some of the demonstrators are carrying posters of the Russian revolution, and others, of our own day. In she published a compilation of articles and essays in Chile entitled Rompiendo algo Breaking Something. Critique of the FutureInundaciones. Here we debate the problems and solutions facing people who have had communist relations. The discussions between Lenin, Kamenev, Trotsky, Kollontay, Stalin and other Bolsheviks reveal the tensions, doubts and certainties regarding an action that compromises plans for the Russian revolution begun in February of that year.

Get Ebook Desinformación By Pascual Serrano Chm

A free recreation of the night before the armed uprising of October against the Kerensky government. He has been the director of the publishing houses Debate and Caballo de Troya. He left the PCE at the end of From the Wall to Guantanamo: Here we debate on the outlooks, needs and strategies that could declare the definitive collapse of capitalism.


She is a member of the Communist Party of Spain. He is secretary of the Communist Party of Spain in Madrid. Esther Vivas is a journalist specialising in political analysis, the food and agriculture model and motherhood. No revolution is like any before it and new social conditions and new antagonisms have to be taken into account so as to point out the new paths taking shape in serrzno communist revolutionary processes. She was a member of desinfotmacion Communist Party of Spain from to The International Brigades Originally coming from conservative bourgeois intellectuals and the Church, in the s and s they had support from state organisations specially created to slander, deceive, distort and manipulate any information about the development of communism in the USSR, Cuba, Serrxno and other parts of the world.

Storia e critica di una leggenda nera Stalin: She was awarded the Biocultura Prize for environmental journalism.

He started his career at the Spanish newspaper ABC. Ortega y Gasset y la cultura del franquismo Master resinformacion the Wasteland: Since ssrrano publication of the Manifesto of the Communist Partywritten by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, pamphlets and writings against the communist idea were a constant.


Whether from circumstances arising from the struggle against Franco or else because they felt it was the only discourse that could put an end to the catastrophic situation generated by capitalism, many men and women pinned their hopes for a transformation of the world on the idea of communism and the revolutions it gave rise to. Desincormacion seraches Advanced Search.


Deputy Mayor of Rivas Vaciamadrid. The production combines the techniques of dramatic theatre and other contemporary types serranoo performance. He has also written in magazines such as El Urogallo and El Independiente. You may also be interested in Resources.

: Chávez y los titulares

The clash with their own social class origins or the knowledge of the way some communist revolutions had gone led many communists to leave desinfoormacion parties they belonged to and take up sceptical or directly anti-communist positions.

Following the breakup of the USSR and the collapse of what was known as the Eastern Bloc, those countries and regions where the communist idea persisted have been reduced to marginal status.

A demonstration made up of people singing The International marches from Passeig de Colom to seerano Palau de la Virreina.

Communist activism is tough and demanding and has generally affected family relations, in some cases leading children to reject it padcual in others, on the other hand, providing a lesson and an example to follow. Learning from parents and relatives means incorporating a powerful baggage from other times and other experiences, which, in their own activism, is enlarged with new knowledge from other sources and relations, more closely tied to present-day processes.

She is currently a member of the communist organisation Red Roja Red Network. He became involved in the anti-Franco opposition, as a member of the Communist Party of Spain PCEand went into exile in Paris inwhere he contributed to the publication Mundo Obrero.