CELLRAISER: Renowned cancer expert says we are underestimating the risk of mobile phones | PDF |. Disconnect, a book about cell phones by Devra Davis. 1 of Devra Davis’s Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family. The disconnect. Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family by Devra Davis.

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The book is full of anecdotes about data that was altered, or disappeared, funding that was cut off, and alleged threats. Basing decisions on preliminary epidemiological evidence such as this is likely to be unnecessarily disruptive and inconvenient and is unlikely to provide any health benefit.

Thank you Sandra, for your much more rational input to this conversation. Stop letting children get on the bus to dksconnect It dicsonnect sensible to fear that the closer to body part sizes the wavelengths get, the more immediately dangerous apart from cumulative effect from other exposures.

Damage from radar was known far before your 25 years. What hypothesis are you testing? But a a Liberal politician, she typically evaded involvement.

Devra Davis: Disconnected from Science: Part I « Critical Thinking « Skeptic North

The goal of alarmists is to scare enough members of the public about the dangers of EMF in order to sway politicians to do their bidding. We founded the first conference on cellphones and health last September in Washington, D. If the texty science is not really something you think you can muddle through I’ll admit I would have liked to have seen more pictures–i. The authors obtained the approval of the required Danish government agencies such as the Danish Data Protection Board to protect the privacy of the information.


Discpnnect teleco The title may seem like an admonition but it actually refers to the relationship between public perception and scientific knowledge regarding cell phone use as well as the relationship between industry-sponsored study findings and non-industry sponsored studies.

Part II: Cell Phones and Cancer

You are ruining your man seed. If I could hug this author, I would. December 21, at 8: Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health: This book describes an immense disconnect between common opinions about cell phone safety and the actual data If you would like complete versions of those articles which are linked to devfa abstract form, I may be able to dig those up too.

There are many more studies, hundreds that might have been added, but the point is well made by those that are cited without the need to bludgeon the reader with more than what has been presented.

International Journal of Epidemiology ; It gives an in depth history of an industry I previously knew nothing about and should have been more wary of from the start. No, I absolutely disagree. Contrary to what Davis claims, at least 4 daivs have been published for brain cancer by age group.


Feb 09, Craig rated it really liked it. Read their paper — this is a brave step on their side. I have read Dr. Even gardeners know that plants require particular frequencies of electromagnetic radiation i. Does a cell phone using MHz have a different effect from one use Diisconnect He is an entrepreneur who has founded a number of successful electronics companies including Promatek Industries Ltd. Both males and females were idsconnect to be affected.

This will make me look at the study again, and I will certainly take your criticisms of the study very seriously they look sound to me and should definitely make us pause before drawing larger conclusions. Novella is kinder; he writes:.

Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time with this crap. But I certainly cannot tell you that they’re safe. Statements from the alarmists themselves are insufficient. For example on page she says it included only two cases that had used a phone for a decade. My grade-school nieces can publish on the internet, or a book, or come up with a quote!