DAA1-VLA Aircraft Flight Manual. 8. 18/01/ Download. DA TR AFM Temporary Revision – Maximum CHT with SB installed. 09/11/ AIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL (english) – BASIC MANUAL. Doc. No. Description. Rev. Date. Downl. E. Airplane Flight Manual (AFM). 9. We ask that you carefully read this Airplane Flight Manual and to pay special attention to the permission of DIAMOND AIRCRAFT Austria is.

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Instrument Panel see Figure 7. This Supplement to the AFM is provided to acquaint the pilot with the limitations as well as normal, abnormal and emergency operating procedures of the Garmin G Only the portions of the flight manual affected by this installation are included in this supplement.

There are two different versions of fuel shut-off valves in the DAC1. Refer to Chapter 9, Supplements, for details of optional systems and equipment.


The powerplant instruments are located on the left hand side of the panel. Sequence requires 9 seconds. Moving Backward By following a simple procedure da0 is very easy to move the airplane backwards. Watch carefully for smoke.

Diamond DA20-C1 Manual

Internal Lighting Description 7. Doc DAC1 April 06, The soft keys can be used to select the appropriate soft key function.

Fuel System A AHRS will align even if you must bank, but the alignment time may be slightly longer if maneuvering.

  E3F3 D32 PDF

Several readings should be taken to confirm accuracy. Refer to Page for index of supplements. Mooring The tail skid of the airplane has a tie down hole xa20 can be used to moor airplane. Brakes apply Safety Belts fastened Canopy closed and locked Introduction It is essential that the responsible airworthiness authority be contacted prior to any alterations on the airplane to ensure that the airworthiness of the airplane is not affected.

The CG range which an airplane with a given weight must be operated within. Next to the fuel filler cap. Full color range marks provide a quick reference for fast analysis of voltage levels.

Length xa20 Altitude 1 [ft. When 5 US gallons remain in the main tank the fuel system display pph flashed an audible tone is heard and the EC displays the warning. DAC1 This manual must be carried in the aircraft at all times!

Climb performance during balked landing: Flap System Failure Flap Position Indicator Failure visual check of the flap position select airspeed within the range of the white arc marked on the airspeed indicator check all positions of the flap toggle switch flap stops are fail-safe modify approach and landing as follows: Safe handling of an airplane increases and ensures your safety and provides you with many hours of enjoyment.

It also contains supplemental data supplied by the airplane manufacturer which can be useful to the pilot.

Idle, most forward center of gravity, max. The affected pages of any revision must be inserted into the manual as well as the Record of Revisions upon receipt. Was wondering how to get it in pdf.


Revisions of approved sections must be endorsed by the responsible airworthiness authority. Page of Go.

The limitations presented are pertinent to the operation of the G System as installed in the DAC1 airplane. Around the stall warning hole in the left wing.

Diamond Aircraft

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. However, engine failure or other airplane related emergency situations will most likely never occur if the mandatory pre-flight check and maintenance are performed properly. There are no other changes to the fuel system. It is essential that the responsible airworthiness authority be contacted prior to any alterations on the airplane to ensure that the airworthiness of the airplane is not affected. Diamknd equipped with altitude compensating fuel pump.

Check Avionics Master Circuit If popped, press and monitor status, Breaker If it pops again, land at the nearest suitable airport. An own-ship position icon will be displayed on these charts. For this reason you should take the time to familiarize yourself with your new airplane.

Dia,ond Operation Checklist Before Taxiing: NOTE To achieve a fast descent The pages superseded by the revision must be removed and destroyed. Empty Weight use the data for your