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Above all, she sees a symbol within it, which is continually changing and moving, through invisible realities. Magic is the process by which change is manifested at any existential level in conformity with […]. In writing of magic hitherto I have dealt almost exclusively with the part played by the human mind in its performance, but the reader, if at all familiar with the literature of the subject, will have noticed that magicians are always recorded as acting as if they had, or at least required, the cooperation of invisible but intelligent beings.

Magic is the most useful too for bending the odds to our favour in an given circumstance, but does not go beyond the scope of being a tool concurrently aiding your mundane efforts. Magic is never either white or black; but it can be benefic or malefic, according to the purpose for which one makes use of it.

Personally, I do not think this is a desirable condition, and I have seen it give rise to much trouble because the influences to which it opens the doors can only be controlled from the spiritual plane, and to open a door to the Unseen without adequate means of controlling what comes through is a very undesirable practice.

Everything works by magick; science represents a small domain of magick where coincidences have a relatively high probability of occurrence.

In Her essence, She is all those abstractions I have enumerated, and much more; but between the spiritual essence and its manifestation in material form there are intervening stages, and dioon is with these that magic and mysticism are concerned. Use it an mutate it.

This latter is a collection of short stories based on her experiences with Theodore Moriarty. It suffices to use a simple definition such as the following approximation of A.

Half of the skills in magick consist of identifying probabilities worth enhancing… Magick will not free itself from occultism until we have strangled the last astrologer with the guts of the last spiritual master. For Dion Fortune real name Violet Mary Firththe Sephirotic tree of life is a living being, an outline of the solar system, which modern thought has the right to directly attack, as ancient thinkers did, while bearing in mind the work undertaken, but without being pointlessly restricted by it.


The psychological explanation, so far as it went, was incontrovertible; one could countercheck it at every point. In terms of spiritual principle, all invisible forces are naturally and easily controlled.

She joined the Theosophical Society and attended courses in psychology and psychoanalysis at the University of London, and became a lay psychotherapist at the Medico-Psychological Clinic in Brunswick Square.

Explorations at the Edge of Self.

Magic is the Highest, mystiqus Absolute, and most Divine Knowledge of Natural Philosophy, advanced in its works and wonderful operations by a right understanding of the inward and occult virtue of things; so that true Agents being applied to proper Patients, strange and admirable effects will thereby be produced.

The true practice of magic depends on the legitimacy of the individual human will.

Das Karmische Band Other. My own experience may throw light on this subject. Dortune this phase of cosmic history no evidence can be offered save the general argument of the different, and in many cases totally unrelated, esoteric traditions, and the practical experience of those who work with these forces, basing their modus operandi on these traditions.

Thank you for your patience.

Dion Fortune (Violet Mary Firth) – The Invisible Intelligences – Hermetik International

This society was to be the focus of her work for the rest of her life. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1 2 Item Items. Liber Lll And Liber Ventum. Avalon of the Heart Hardcover. In the Eucharist, both in its Roman and Anglican forms, we get the prayer forune the angels; and in popular magic, the superstitious remnant of a Qabalistic tradition, we get all manner of uncivil conjurations designed to compel the attendance of reluctant spirits.

Magic is a set of techniques and approaches which can be used to extend the limits mgstique Achievable Reality. Part of the divine mystique that shrouds the essence of magick is the fact that it is unexplainable and undefinable — magick transcends reason, duh.

As a psycho-philosophical technique, gortune was ineffectual; as good, old-fashioned abracadabra it was startlingly, even alarmingly, efficacious.

The Mystique Cabala .

When we want to contact the primitive levels of manifestation, the states that preceded dense matter, we get the best results if we employ subconscious, primitive methods of thought, which are pictorial in nature; which are, in fact, pure imagination.


She reported visions of Atlantis at age four and the developing of psychic abilities during her twentieth year, at which time she suffered a nervous breakdown; after her recovery she found herself drawn to the occult.

Though some of her writings may seem dated to contemporary readers, they have the virtue of lucidity and avoid the fortund obscurity that characterised many of her forerunners and contemporaries.

The mind trained to deal with forms deals with the two form planes adequately, but is all at sea on the planes of force. By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use. Magicians make the world dance according to their tunes, religionists seek to find the tune of the world and have it teach them how to dance. I discovered that if one rationalized magic, one took all the power out of it. The natural psychic is essentially a sensitive; it is only the artificially foortune psychic of the occult schools who is ever found to mystiaue a psychic and nothing more.

Her pseudonym was inspired by her family motto “Deo, non fortuna” Latin for “by God, not fate”. Considered philosophically, of course, She is quite comprehensible, especially with psycho-analysis to lend its assistance.

La cabale mystique – Diffusion Rosicrucienne

Magic faith is simply a means of unifying Desire and Belief. This movement toward God will continue to mystiqur in strength until the goal of reaching cosmic consciousness and oneness with God is finally attained in its fullest expression.

Are the images the mind perceives when exploring the Invisible Kingdoms, its own projections and nothing else? The Secrets of Dr. Equally, the mind which lacks the focusing power to cion with form can often perceive the subtle planes of force with uncanny accuracy, and we call such people psychics. Magic is the socially unauthorized use of the will and imagination to partake in the powers of the universe. Considered magically, She is a quite different matter.