Hello, I am exporting all data from a table to excel and pdf. It works ok with the columns, but I can´t export the footer and caption tag. I have tryed. How to implement your own Display tag exporter (into Excel in is nicely separated into methods like writeCaption(), writeTableHeader() and so on. . ExcelView exporter or the separate Exporting data. When you set the Table Tag’s export attribute to “true”, a footer will appear below the table which will allow you to export the.

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The exporting functionality is very basic and especially the output of the default Excel export implementation looks quite crappy: Column values need to Numbers.

Use ‘page’ if you want to sort only visible records, or ‘list’ if you want to sort the full list, or ‘external’ if the data is sorted outside displaytag.

Use it inside a table tag to display a caption.

So I need a neat way to pass structured information in plain text and put it back together for easy access in the HssfTableWriter. So I clearly need my own writeCaption in the HssfTableWriter and need generate my custom caption there.

Static value to be used for the column. Some googling led me to the display tag issue tracker and this known issue http: Use this attribute to keep a caption from being output during an export. Tag Library EL The display tag library is an open source suite of custom tags that provide high level web presentation patterns which will work in a MVC model, and provide a significant amount of functionality while still being simple and straight-forward to use.

Caphion first thought was to extend the DefaultHssfExportView and HssfTableWriter and just override the essential methods since the rest of the export works well enough for us. If you use this tag in Struts, or in some other framework where the page is included via a jsp: String title html pass through attribute. Unique id used to identify this table.


Make sure you also have. By default you can only add a simple one line caption and a footer to the exported table. Hi, as I replied to judy earlier, I xaption share our proprietary code but I can try to help you if you explain in more detail what you are trying to do, what you have done and what is the problem.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and displayytag our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. You can also set the property value in the tag body. The caption will only render for the named media type s – it won’t be added to the table if the current request media is not supported.

It has the same meaning of setting a value in the tag body, but values set using this attribute will not be coerced to Strings.

Export footer and caption to excel/pdf

String defaultorder The default sort order for this column. I would like a step by step example on how to do it. Post as a guest Name. The name of the request parameter that will be dynamically added to the generated href URL. Reference to the Integer object containing the size of the total dataset. Attributes Name Description Type media Use this attribute to keep a footer from being output during an export.

If paramName is not provided, then the current object being iterated on is assumed to be the target bean.

String lang risplaytag pass through attribute. The support of paramProperty in conjunction with paramName will be probably removed in future: Two tables in the same page can’t have the same id paging and sorting will affect both.

Can be any space separated combination of ‘html’, ‘csv’, ‘xml’, ‘all’, or ‘excel’. If a decorator is specified for displaytav entire table, then this decorator will decorate that decorator. Use this attribute to keep a footer from being output during an export.


Display tag library – Exporting

When I started looking into this problem I noticed that some of your original excel exports where crashing with an error like. If you can access the images some other way for example you have them in your classpath somewhereyou could write your own BinaryExportView implementation and use POI to insert images into the spreadsheet.

Notify me of new comments via email. I am alright with exporting all the table details except my caption that i have mentioned.

String paramName The capiton of a JSP bean that is a String containing the value for the request parameter named by paramId if paramProperty is not specifiedor a JSP bean whose property getter is called to return a String if paramProperty is specified. Use a TableDecorator to provide custom operations against the whole list, such as computing totals.

How the default excel output looks.

See the export page in the example webapp for more details. Upgrading Hibernate from 3. Can be an expression like requestScope.

Export footer and caption to excel/pdf | Go4Expert

A table decorator name can be the name of an object in page, request, session or application scope or a fully qualified class name of a class implementing the org. We could just stuff all the selection information there on that one line but it would not look good captipn we have many types of selections all of which can have multiple options.

The id attribute can’t be a runtime expression in jsp 1.