Hewlett Packard Proliant DL G5 Server Quickspecs. Both offered in BTO and CTO models. QuickSpecs. HP ProLiant DL Generation 5 (G5). Overview. DA – North America — Version 8 — June 6, QuickSpecs. HP NCF PCI Express Multifunction ProLiant DL (rack- optimized): HP ProLiant DL G5 HP ProLiant DL G5. HP ProLiant DL G6.

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Power Supply Output per power supply. Supports up to 2 half-height SAS tape drives. Integrated Lights-Out 2 Standard integrated on system board.

Uses an integrated installer to perform quick and accurate software installation and updates. Processors Four of the following depending on model. Package contains two cable management arms.

HP ProLiant DL Quickspecs (Page 5 of 43)

HP does not allow factory integration of options into pre-configured models. HP Insight Dynamics for ProLiant, a product option, is an integrated command center that enables IT Staff personnel to continuously analyze and optimize a converged infrastructure, while automating and reducing the cost of common data center tasks by as much as 40 percent. The ambidextrous cable management arm can be mounted on quickkspecs the left or right side for improved cable management.

Please see the following QuickSpecs for Technical Specifications and additional information: Choose Required Options only one of the following from each list unless otherwise noted. Please reference the Tape Autoloader QuickSpecs at: HP Insight Recovery, also an optional extension for Insight Dynamics – VSE, enables cost-effective disaster recovery for physical and virtual environments.

Telco Rack Support Support for all 2-post Telco racks requires the use of the standard rack kit and an additional option quicmspecs from Rack Fl365 at: One of the following depending on model: Quicksecs see the following link: For additional license kits, including electronic delivery options, please see the QuickSpecs at: Bank interleaving is automatically enabled on a processor node under the following conditions: Any additional options purchased will be shipped separately.


For more information about this service, please visit: HP Insight Orchestration, an optional extension to Insight Dynamics – VSE, enables IT organizations to provision infrastructure consistently and automatically from pools of shared resources using a self-service portal.

Good news on some fronts – but also a source of potential problems and subsequent consequences that come from depending on standard warranties alone.

Please see the following link: Consult the Power Calculator to determine if your lowline configuration is supported. Using a rack without blanking panels results in improper cooling that can lead to thermal damage. For additional License Kits, please see the QuickSpecs at: Quiickspecs you require a local power cord, please check the Power Specifications below for the appropriate country-specific power cord, or consult the Power Cord Matrix: For hardware and software compatibility of Quicmspecs StorageWorks disk backup products see: Node interleaving can be configured via RBSU if both processors have the same memory footprint and is independent of bank interleaving.

For trade-in information, please go to: Improve uptime with responsive hardware and software services available anytime Cost-effectively obtain expert 24×7 multi-vendor hardware and software support Enjoy consistent service coverage across geographically dispersed sites Update HP and selected third-party software at a predictable cost Take advantage of subscription savings on software updates http: And for many products, post-warranty HP Care Pack Services are available when your original warranty has expired.

If your 42U server rack includes closing front and rear doors, you must allow square inches 5, sq quicksecs of hole evenly distributed from top to bottom to permit adequate airflow equivalent to quuckspecs required 64 percent open area for ventilation. The HP ProLiant DL G5 is a highly manageable, rack ddl365, four-socket server designed for maximum performance in an industry standard architecture.


In addition to the previous functional benefits, it also provides a cost-effective disaster recovery for physical dl36 virtual environments that works with HP StorageWorks Continuous Access software for both the Enterprise Virtual Array and the XP storage array allowing application environments to be reactivated in minutes with the touch of a button to a remote location.

HP ProLiant DL365 Quickspecs Page 5

The Smart Array P Controller can support a maximum of 6 hard drives. HP Integrated Lights-Out 2 management processor: Standard Memory Configuration 2.

This approach is aligned with our strategic direction to meet the needs and expectations of our valued customers. The G2 Series Racks provide enhanced airflow for maximum cooling, allowing these racks to be fully loaded with servers using the latest processors. SATA drives have a 1 year warranty.

The foundation pack includes: DIMM banks are active only when the corresponding processor socket is populated. CTO orders may require additional lead time. You may need to scroll down to see it There are certain V5, lowline, max configurations that are not supported.

Contact your local sales representative for additional information.

HP Proliant DL G5 Quickspecs

Input Requirements per power supply. For the complete range of StorageWorks tape drives, autoloaders, libraries and media, including the internal fitting models, see: Please see the QuickSpecs for additional information including configuration steps and additional options needed for a complete solution at: HP ProLiant DL G5 Performance model includes the latest performance technologies and enterprise class availability features pre-installed for convenience and value.

Please check the full compatibility information at: