What’s the correct way to enable shadowbox for image_gallery? Closed ( won’t. Information missing for “how to get shadowbox to work”. I tried to make a picture gallery with shadowbox and views. For that I created a grid view which works as expected when I am using colorbox or lightbox2.

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The only thing you would need is a content type with an image field.

Shadowbox is a JavaScript modal media viewer application for viewing images, video, Flash and other content in a modal window. It’s easy to use and feature-rich.

Replace old version of longtail jwplayer included in shadowbox library with new version. Enable shadowbox auto handle feature. Create a node drupzl that content type and check how the image in that node is opened in a popup box.

Create a new node Article, Basic page containing all shadowbox links you want. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.


Install drupal module, decompress shadowbox library and logntail jwplayer packages. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I initially tried out Shadowbox with Drupal 5. Create a Image content type. Sign up using Email and Password. The problem is when I click on the sign-in form submit button the iframe still appears and the page refreshing inside the iframe is not the original page.

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Remember to set the text format to full html so your links are not filtered. Longtail jwplayer from http: Prepare all files before upload: Then we use that node reference field to filter our gallery. Lightbox is a JavaScript application, that is used to show large images or other content in modal windows.

Create a new node containing your image links. Sign up using Facebook. What is a Lightbox?

Enable and Test Shadowbox. Images, iframed or inline content etc. I have installed the Shadowbox module drupla I use it to show the login page in a pop-up iframe. For the image field you choose shadowbox as formatter. Leave this field blank. Unfortunately, some of the critical features of Shadowbox didn’t work with those earlier versions of jQuery so the module is Drupal 6 only.


Using shadowbox in Drupal 7

Adobe Flash videot asennuksesta. The Ajax error is the following: Create a javascript file with your custom module or put it with your custom them and add the following code in it:.

This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Lines and paragraphs shsdowbox automatically.

Create a content type with an image field or just add an image shadlwbox to one of your actual contents types. You can test your gallery: See the blog post at Evolving Web. Create your Gallery view.

Looking over the demos of Shadowbox I was very impressed and immediately started creating a Drupal module. So after a successful login the browser will fire a custom javascript function to close Shadowbox iframe window and reload the parent window.