GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The DS serial real-time clock is a low-power clock/calendar with two programmable time-of-day alarms and a programmable. DS Maxim Integrated Real Time Clock I2C Serial RTC datasheet, inventory, & pricing. DS Real Time Clock are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for DS Real Time Clock.

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The match is tested on the once-per-second. When high, the hour mode is selected. When reading or writing the time and date registers, secondary user buffers are used to prevent errors when the.

Considerations with Dallas Real-Time Clocks. The information is transferred byte-wise and each receiver de1337 with a ninth bit.

Problem working with RTC DS

The state of the data line represents valid data when, after a START condition, the data line is stable. Purchase of I 2 C components from. Bus Free Time Between a.

The alarms can also be. Table 3 shows the possible settings. C are guaranteed by design and are not production tested. Write transfers occur on the acknowledge. Defaults to 32kHz on Power-Up. I didn’t see anything overtly wrong with that, but did note that since you read RTC registers in individual I2C transactions, you run the risk of a clock tick updating registers while reading the time and date.


The oscillator circuit does not require any external resistors or.

Alarm when seconds match. Of course, setup and. I choose to read all registers in one I2C transaction, as suggested.

Alarm when day, hours, dds1337, and seconds match. Alarm when day, hours, and minutes match. The startup time is usually less than 1 second when using a crystal. You can see that BF clears after 8 data bits have shifted out.

Data transfer may be initiated only when the bus is not busy. When set to logic 1, this bit permits the alarm 2 flag A2F bit in the status.

The DSC integrates a standard 32,Hz crystal in the package. A2F is cleared when written to logic 0. Data Write–Slave Receiver Mode. Alarm when minutes match. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile.

When enabled, INTA is datashret low when the. Take a look at section The SO package may be reflowed as long as the peak temperature does not exceed ?


A1F is cleared when written to logic 0. The DS can be run in either hour or hour mode. These bits control the frequency of the square-wave output when the.

DS1337, DS1337C I²C Serial Real-Time Clock

The DS must receive a “not acknowledge” to end a read. SCL is used to synchronize data movement on the serial. The century bit bit 7 of. For more information about crystal selection.

The master may then transmit zero or more bytes of data, with the DS acknowledging each byte received. The slave then returns an acknowledge bit, followed by the slave transmitting a number of datashfet. To avoid rollover issues, once the countdown chain is reset, the remaining time and date.

The number of data. The following bus protocol has been defined Figure 3: A master device that generates the serial clock SCLcontrols. Available in a Surface-Mount Package with an. At the end of the. Pick-and-place equipment may be used, but.